Unarmed Home Security Companies in Los Angeles to Protect Your Residence!

Why Do You Need Security Companies in Los Angeles?

There are hundreds of the home security companies in Los Angeles, but we’ve narrowed that down to three local stars. Security Alarms, San Marino Security Systems, and APS Security Systems have flexible pricing, friendly service, and reliable equipment that make a quality domestic security company. It’s normal for the regional security companies to avoid specific product packages and prices like those you see from national brands. This customized approach means you get an effective security system designed for your space. But this means that transparent fees can be challenging to find, so we contacted each company to find out more about them.

While researching home security systems in Los Angeles County, we’ve noticed several companies combining services like security, blacksmithing, surveillance, and TV installation. For example, suppose if you are interested in a surveillance system only that specializes in surveillance cameras. Unfortunately, cameras are only helpful for catching intruders after an accident, but they don’t help much with prevention.

Should I buy locally or nationally?

The Local brands offer expert knowledge of your area, customized customer service, and flexible equipment plans. But if you are looking for the right unarmed security companies near me for your Los Angeles home, national brands are also worth looking into.

Businesses also come with their share of benefits. These large companies have the resources and the customer base to serve you anywhere in theLos Angeles. Pricing and equipment are more consistent, so you know what to expect when installing. But expect some of the fine print when it comes to the contracts and additional fees.

Regional Security Providers


  • Knows your neighborhood
  • Offers equipment of different brands
  • Personal system installation


  • limited resources
  • Longer install times
  • higher prices

National Security Providers


  • Serves a broader customer base
  • Provides more transparent pricing


  • high-pressure sales
  • More fine print
  • Less customization

What do you know about buying home security in the Los Angeles?


In a sprawling city like the Los Angeles, your neighborhood is your home. But every neighborhood is different. The amount of the crime and resources in your area can affect how much security you’ll need. When you start shopping for the home security system, check the stats in your area using resources like the Area Vibes or Neighborhood Scout. Using this site, it is found that the three safest neighborhoods in the Los Angeles are the Encino, Topanga, and Glendale areas. The closer to the downtown and the farther southeast you live, the more likely you will see crime.

Warning fee

Home security owners in the Los Angeles also need to watch out for false alarms. LAPD is stretched on staff and time with such ample serving space. True and false alarms come with a fee from the police department. This fee encourages homeowners to have a valid permit for their alarms ($48 for a license and $31 for renewal). A home security system with a portable remote control can save you time and money (and LAPD) down the road.

Environmental factors

Environmental factors such as earthquakes and wildfires can be dangerous in Los Angeles and Southern California. Although a security system cannot prevent these natural threats, it can keep your home safe. Look for a plan with a long battery backup so that it will continue to operate after a power outage or evacuation.

Los Angeles crime statistics

Los Angeles is not the safest city, but you can avoid problems by taking preventive measures. Overall, it is found that property crime is the biggest threat to Los Angeles residents. According to the LAPD report to date, in August 2019, there were 5,810 burglaries, 8,192 burglaries, and 20,632 cases of personal theft and property theft. The good news is that all these numbers are lower than in 2018. All of these results reflect what we’ve seen from Neighborhood Scout about the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

What are unarmed security companies?

Unarmed security companies are those that provide unarmed security guards. Unarmed security guards have to perform many duties, but their primary responsibility is to monitor and report to the relevant authorities.

But it may differ because it is multi-tasking and can perform many tasks depending on the client’s needs and desires. For example, unarmed security companies provide foot and vehicle patrol services.

The role of unarmed security companies in today’s world?

Today’s world is high-speed. You can contact millions of people in a few seconds from anywhere in the world, and almost everything depends on technology because it is affordable and reliable. So companies put everything on electronics or technology like security and use cameras and alarms to protect their assets.

However, they do not hire unarmed security firms because, in the short term, technology is expensive but not as secure as the services of unarmed physical security firms. Unarmed security companies like Allied Multinational Security can provide peace of mind with bonded guards in a less expensive way.

Analyze the cost of technology and the cost of an unarmed security company. In the long run, unarmed security companies are less expensive than technology. This is because what unarmed physical security can do, technology can never do. It would also be easier to play and change technology than the services of an unarmed security company.

Since unarmed security guards can act according to the situation, the alarm or cameras will only do what they are programmed for. So the role of unarmed security companies is vital because businesses want to make profits with the best possible level of security.

Hence, the unarmed security companies provide those services and peace of mind so that they can focus on other important matters and leave security to multinational allies security.