Oracle remote dba support USA


Oracle Database Administration (DBA) is the practice of administering databases and their associated systems. The term originates from the days when database management was performed manually by human administrators. Today, DBAs perform these tasks through automation tools such as SQL*Plus or PL/SQL Developer.

Oracle DBA Support is a service provided by Oracle Corporation. This service provides 24x7x365 technical support for Oracle Database administration.

1. Oracle Remote DBA Support

Oracle remote dba support in USA provides a service that enables users to connect remotely to their database instances using a standard web browser. You can use RDS to administer databases hosted on any platform including Linux, Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, OS/390, z/OS, VSE, and UNIX System Services.

2. Oracle RAC

RAC stands for Real Application Clusters. A cluster is a group of servers that work together to provide high availability and scalability for applications running on them. RAC provides fault tolerance and load balancing for Oracle Database clusters.

3. Oracle RMAN

RMAN stands for Recovery Manager. RMAN is a software tool that helps you recover data from failed disks, tapes, and volumes. RMAN supports the recovery of both online and offline backups.

4. Oracle Data Guard

Data Guard is a feature of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2). It is designed to protect your data from hardware failures and accidental loss. It does this by replicating data between two or more physical storage devices.

5. Oracle Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager is a management application that provides centralized administration of Oracle Database 10g and later releases. It includes tools for monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting Oracle Database systems.

6. Oracle Universal Installer

Universal Installer is a utility that simplifies the installation of Oracle Database 10g release 2 (10.2) and later releases. It is included with Oracle Database 10g release 1 (10.1) and later releases.

7. Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer is a graphical IDE for developing and testing PL/SQL code. It is included with the Oracle Database 10g release 4 (10.4) and later releases. SQL Developer is not bundled with earlier versions of Oracle Database.