5 Benefits of Using an On-site Fuel Tank to Store Diesel

On-site fuel storage tanks aren’t ordinary tanks. Investing in one or a few means you will gain control over your spending and bring issues in-house, where you oversee the refueling process as well as optimize it to ensure your business success.

Having on-site fuel tanks, be it on your construction site or agricultural farm, comes in handy. Some of the benefits of having and using on-site fuel tanks to store diesel include the following:

1. Improve Efficiency

As a business owner, you must look for ways to save time. The more you save time, the more you grow your business.

Apparently, having an on-site diesel tank will help increase the efficiency of your business by eliminating the need to travel to off-site fueling stations so that you can fill it up.

2. Increase Productivity

Once you can manage time, increasing productivity becomes easy. This, in turn, grows your business. With storage fuel tanks on-site, you will not find it necessary to visit an off-site fuel station, giving you more time to work on your projects. Down the road, the time you have used and saved for more productivity will guarantee you more profits.

3. Save the Costs

Diesel costs are ongoing expenses for businesses that must fuel their vehicles and machines. But several other costs come with fuel, which the management system may help to save. These unnecessary costs may include staff wages that you pay when driving you somewhere to fill up your tank and management fees that card companies charge.

Compared to fuel cards or bunkering systems, on-site fuel tanks enable you to save about 10p/liter, thus saving your own business thousands of dollars yearly. This is because fuel bought in bulk is cheaper, and you will be purchasing it from open markets, where competition often results in lower prices.

4. Prevent Theft

Diesel theft is one of the common issues facing most companies. Mostly, it involves workers taking advantage of their company’s fuel cards, trust, and fuel allowances for their own gain. This makes it challenging for companies to know what is happening. Some drivers might even be passing the company’s fuel cards to family members or friends without you knowing it.

Letting your drivers refill vehicles prevents them from abusing your trust and fuel allowance. You will also have full control over fuel consumption, monitoring who uses it, when, and how much they use it.

5. Minimize Maintenance Costs and Frequency

Using on-site storage diesel tanks helps your company minimize the number of kilometers all the vehicles travel. Fewer kilometers per vehicle simply means minimized services.

In addition, this increases fleet productivity by keeping vehicles on the road longer before you take them for maintenance.

If you are running an auto dealership, transport company, or construction company, the most economical plan is to have and use an on-site diesel storage tank. Like a water container used in construction sites, you will save money and time with on-site diesel storage. This doesn’t just minimize maintenance costs/frequency and prevent theft. It will also save costs, increase productivity, and improve efficiency.