Why security guards must be armed?

Armed Guard Security

While hiring a security officer for your protection, you wonder whether to hire armed or unarmed security guards. Every day you hear of some crimes taking place at your locality. To avoid any kind of dangerous situation, you need a security officer that can protect you from every dangerous situation. 

Whether you are a business person or a family person looking at the safeguards of your employee and family members is important. Private security has become an important factor for security.

Safety is important for all types of business whether it’s a small or big one. It is because by hiring a security officer you are providing a safer environment. But it is important to know which one will be the correct service to choose for your security, the Armed Guard Security or the unarmed Guard Security

Difference between Unarmed and Armed Guard Security

While choosing the security service it is important to choose the right service. Both the armed guards and unarmed guards provide security but it is necessary to know the difference between armed and unarmed security services. 

The Armed Guard securitiesare more professional guards in comparison to unarmed guards. The armed guards are provided high training on handling weapons and carrying. They are highly trained in defense and security skills. If the situation goes bad they use lethal force to avoid any kind of crime.

A thief always tries to steal your assets even it might cost the life of someone, in such cases higher security is expected. So to avoid such a situation armed security guards protect you in the best possible way.

The unarmed Guards Security does not carry weapons. But they surely hold types of equipment such as pepper spray or batons. They don’t use guns or other high-impact weapons. With unarmed guards, you are getting a discreet element of protection.

Sometimes the visitors feel a bit uncomfortable with the unarmed guard security, but with armed security guards, they feel comfortable. The unarmed guards are affordable in comparison to unarmed security guards. They cannot handle every dangerous situation in a proper way as an Armed Security guard does.

So these have given a clear scope about the major difference between armed security and unarmed security. With unarmed security, you can tackle many dangerous situations which kind of lack with unarmed guards.

Why Security guards must be armed?

Highly trained guards are always ready for every situation. They are your to the go person for every dangerous situation. Here is some important factor to look at while hiring armed guards.

  • If your business or residence is located in a high violence area, then it is an easy to target location for criminals. In such situations having a security service with weapons act as a deterrent to these criminals. Also having a weapon will give the guards a sense of security and also confrontation. They act as a deter person till the authority arrives at the location.
  • If you had an event at your residence or business premises, that includes VIP. So, in such a case it is likely that a criminal has always put their eye on these events. So, to avoid any kind of dangers the security needs to be ready with their weapons. This will avoid any kind of danger. In case of any dangerous situation, they get prepared to tackle these situations by avoiding danger to the guests, staff, and family.
  • The securities that carry armed are properly trained. The security firms always make sure that the armed guards are trained fully. They are trained to handle weapons that are licensed and cannot be misused with them.
  • The security carrying arms are always hired with a proper background check. Their criminal records, family background, qualifications, and all the details are stored. AN FBI background check is also held, to avoid any disturbance. A fingerprint check was also held to ensure that they are only allowed to legally have a gun with them.

So, having an armed guard increases the level of security for your family and business. They are considered professional guards, with higher skills and protection knowledge in comparison with unarmed guards.  Many security service companies provide these services, but it is important to choose the right Security Company that can meet your preferences and provide the best security service.