Money Control Mobile App- Overall Review


After probing time and another time on Google and Quora for money-control-app for mobile criticisms. I desire at least one review which will benefit me and gratify my inquiry. Yet I could treasure nothing. After waiting for months, to conclude came Diwali, and I originate what every client dears. A maximum discount. All of a quick that was accessible for just 289 Rs. In its place of the typical worth of 999.  Without waiting for more, I subscribe and after using it for around a month. I decided to revenue materials in my hand and write an assessment. I do expect that it assists others to choose whether to purchase or not.

Characteristics of Money-Control-App:

No Advertisements:

Everybody hates advertisements. It slows the app down and trashes the time of the person who reads. Also, at any time, I had tried to search for stock through the mobile application, an advertisement continuously exploded. It irritated me very much since I by chance ticked on the advertisement and it took me to the corporation page.

Now with an expert version, I no lengthier get frustrated with irritating advertisements. This makes the whole procedure of using the application very unified. At the time of subscribing they have declared ad-free involvement for the app only, and don’t look on the site as well.


The earlier money-control app was presented, I recall I was capable to read their courses on “Ideas for Profit”, and “Weekly Tactical Pick”. Now a similar thing is unreachable for free users. Thus, there are nil in-depth superiority visions about it. Hence, if you think you will acquire a high-quality investigation, then you are incorrect.

Money-control-App Tourist:

Receive one email Sunday of weekly important actions, and views of the week that are left by. Thus, even after being a fellow for a month, I have expected such an email only once. I checked my junk and it did not have any like email. This is somewhat the team wants to hit.

No Gift Option:

Maximum Indians are a minute frightened when it comes to handling online and close-fitting their card specifics. Thus, for those who want to obtain gifts from their family fellows or companions who manage online. Then unhappily you cannot accept the similar. This is a feature that I would like if it is further for the solitary reason that it will increase college-going consumers.

Copy Paste Option:

Let’s say you have a cluster of five associates. Then it is simply probable for only one individual to subscribe for that Pro version, read, copy, and just onward the item. This is somewhat which is not conceivable with ET Major but you can imagine the money-control-app team to incapacitate such copy feature shortly.

Game Changers Feature:

Do you need to identify what specialists are endorsing, then become ready to wage extra for such further content? Charges are fairly vertical and I would not mention anybody to buying the similar one. Even specialists can go incorrect several times Values range from Rs 6000+ for three months to Rs 20000 for a year.