How Does A Veterans Disability Claim Attorney Assist At Every Step?

Thousands of veterans are seeking for the VA disability benefits. 

However, applying for the benefits through the Department of Veteran Affairs is quite a long and daunting process, often with complications and multiple appeals. 

Still, they are unaware whether they should hire a veterans disability benefits lawyer to help them with their appeal.

Many veterans try to navigate the VA appeal process on their own but end up with frustration and lower rates of compensation. 

As per the VA statistics, approximately 70% of the initial applications get denied. 

A VA disability claim attorney understands the compensation they are entitled to for their service and sacrifices for the country. 

According to a report published by the Board of Veterans’ Appeals in 2018, veterans represented by legal counsel had a 45% success rate in having their claims granted.  Without representation, only 27% of veterans had their appeal granted.

If you don’t want to go through the frustrating process all by yourself, hire an attorney to navigate the journey with you.

Are you yet not convinced with the fact that you need a knowledgeable VA disability claim attorney?

Then, keep reading. 

We have gathered everything that may help you make an informed decision that would benefit you in the long run. 

What Are Veterans Disability Claim Attorneys?

Veterans disability claim lawyers help people who have served in the military with the opportunity to live a stable and fulfilling life. They help by providing them with benefits that could ease their cost of living because of their illness or any permanent injury. 

What Does VA Disability Appeal Lawyer Do?

VA disability appeal lawyers help veterans with the entire claim process. When a veteran hires a VA disability claim attorney, they can expect the legal counsel to assist them with the following:

  • Gather sufficient evidence to support the case for the claim.
  • Ensure that the veterans meet the eligibility requirements to apply for the disability benefits. 
  • Review the case after it has been denied and determine the types of benefits that may be available to them. 

While applying for the claim might seem like a simple process, a veteran may have to go through several challenges and obstacles while trying to convince the Department of Veterans Affairs to approve their claim after a denial.

Who All Are Eligible For VA Benefits?

In order to be eligible for veterans disability compensation, a seeker needs to have a current diagnosed mental or physical condition that meets the following requirements:

  • You served the country on active duty, inactive duty, or active duty for training.
  • Your disability condition is connected to your service.

You may also need to fall under at least one of the following situations: 

  • Inservice Disability Claim: 

You got injured or sick while serving your period in the military and can link that to your current condition.

  • Preservice Disability Claim: 

You had an illness or an injury before you joined the military, and your service made it even worse.

  • Post-Service Disability Claim: 

You have a disability related to the time you served in the military, which didn’t appear until after the end of your service tenure.

Key Point:

If you have been disbarred from the services due to your bad conduct or you were discharged dishonorably, you may not be eligible for any kind of claim. 

In case you fall into any of the categories, it is best to consider applying for disability compensation.

How Does VA Claim Attorney Assist?

Hiring a professional VA attorney assists the veterans seeking for disability benefits at every possible step. 

Here are some of the advantages of being represented by an accredited veterans disability law firm:

  • Determine The Eligibility 

An attorney determines whether a veteran is eligible for disability benefits and gives advice on their options after they have received a denial. 

The Department of Veterans Affairs works with rigid eligibility criteria, which makes it crucial to determine whether a veteran qualifies for it or not.

The attorneys work hard for those who are eligible and ensure that their appeal is aggressively pursued in order to receive appropriate benefits. 

  • Navigate The Whole Appeal Process

Lawyers spend years handling the VA disability appeals, making them the experts on the whole VA system.

An attorney helps the veterans handle the legal aspects of their claims and fight for the appropriate compensation to which they are genuinely entitled. 

  • Evidence Collection

The success of any VA disability claim is purely dependent on the evidence proving their active service in the military and their condition. 

The amount of evidence required for the veterans to appeal depends on their condition and the circumstances of their case. 

A skilled lawyer with knowledge of all the paperwork would increase the likelihood of the success of the case appeal.

  • Support And Guidance 

The appeal process is quite a lengthy process, which might cause you to lose hope in the Department of Veterans Affairs’ decision.

An experienced and empathetic attorney provides the client with guidance and support throughout the appeal process.

How To Choose A Veterans Disability Law Firm?

When you are planning on hiring a VA disability lawyer, make sure that your potential lawyer has the following three qualities:

  • Accredited to the Office of General Counsel at the Dept. Of Veterans Affairs

 The VA disability claim attorney must be accredited by the OCG to be able to represent your case.

  • Years Of Experience

Make sure to hire an attorney with a proven track record of success. An experienced lawyer would provide you with valuable advice and guidance throughout the process at all stages, including the Regional Office, Board Of Veterans Appeals, and the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

  • Dedication 

When you are choosing a lawyer, make sure to consider hiring someone who is genuinely interested in your needs and feels empathic towards you. 

Bottom Line 

Take the first step towards getting a better outcome on your disability claims by hiring the best and the most experienced attorneys!