Immigration Attorney Houston Helps People From All Over the World Get Their Legal Paperwork in Order

Immigration attorney Houston help people from all over the world get their legal paperwork in order. They also offer pro bono legal assistance to those in need.

Those who qualify for asylum or refugee status are fleeing persecution and life-threatening situations in their countries of origin. Immigration lawyers handle a range of other cases as well.


Every year, thousands of people arriving at our borders or already in the United States apply for asylum. They believe they will be persecuted if returned to their home countries because of their political opinions, religion, membership in a social group or race.

To qualify for asylum, you must have a well-founded fear of persecution and provide a sworn statement about past or a foreseeable future threat of harm from the government, terrorist groups or others. You also must be in the country legally and not have committed a serious non-political crime, helped or ordered another person to commit such a crime or aided a terrorist organization.

Armand practices all areas of immigration law with a special focus on asylum, removal and deportation defense and family-based immigration. He is a graduate of The University of Texas School of Law and has taken part in the University’s Immigration Clinic, where he won his first asylum case in court.

Withholding of Removal

Withholding of removal is a form of protection for people who fear being returned to their country of origin or country of last residence. Like asylum, it provides a safeguard against deportation, but requires a higher standard of proof that the person’s life or freedom would be threatened on account of one of the five protected grounds: race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

It is a mandatory form of relief, meaning that if the individual meets the requirements, they will be granted withholding of removal and cannot be removed from the United States. However, withholding of removal does not guarantee permanent resident status and does not apply to children.

Our Houston immigration lawyer can help you navigate through the complex and often confusing U.S. immigration process, from filing an asylum claim to pursuing naturalization and petitioning for waivers of inadmissibility or relief under the Convention Against Torture. We understand that these are not just legal issues but life-changing experiences for our clients and their families.


ATT Law offers legal services in family-based immigration, business immigration, deportation defense, and naturalization. Our immigration attorneys are experienced in all aspects of immigration law and are committed to helping clients achieve their goals in the United States.

Obtaining citizenship can be one of the most important decisions an immigrant makes. Citizenship offers many benefits, including the ability to vote and sponsor family members for U.S. visas, as well as freedom from fear of deportation and access to government assistance programs.

To qualify for naturalization, a person must have held lawful permanent resident status (also known as having a green card) for a certain number of years (five for most people, though a person married to a citizen can get through the process in three), pass a civics and English test, demonstrate good moral character, and take an oath of allegiance to the United States. Having the guidance and support of an attorney throughout this complex process can help ensure that an applicant meets all the requirements and has the best chance of success.


Immigration attorneys offer services to help clients navigate the complexities of US immigration law. This can include helping individuals apply for asylum or refugee status. Those who seek these benefits must prove they are in danger and have a valid reason for fleeing their homeland. Immigration lawyers who specialize in these cases are adept at ensuring that all relevant documentation is meticulously collected and presented.

Citizenship is another service offered by Houston immigration attorneys. Those who have obtained green cards can sponsor family members for citizenship, provided that the spouses, children, parents and siblings meet immigration criteria. Citizenship offers many benefits, including the right to vote and work in government offices.

Armand Jawanmardi is an immigration attorney in Houston who has dedicated his career to helping immigrants. He has worked with a range of stakeholders to improve access to high-quality and affordable legal representation for low-income families. This includes partnering with non-profits, community organizations and the local business community.