Exploring The Benefits of Using Israel Dedicated Servers 

Did you know there are more than 1.1 billion websites online? Not all are active, but that is still a staggering number. Namely, only about 200 million of these websites have active users and receive any traffic, which is less than 20% of the total number. 

These websites all need a place to run on, also known as a hosting server. Could you imagine if they all ran on a single server? Even if you put only a hundred websites on one computer, can you imagine how slow it would be? It’s not far-fetched, as website owners still use shared hosting today, and these websites can be incredibly slow. 

That’s where dedicated servers come in, and we’ll discuss them today. Namely, we’ll explore the benefits of hosting on dedicated servers instead of shared hosting. Stay with us to see how hosting on a dedicated server can benefit your website or business. 

  1. Performance 

As the name suggests, dedicated servers give you computing resources only you can use. These resources include processors, RAM, SSD disk space, and network bandwidth, which take your hosting game to the next level. The fact that you’re the sole user of the server increases your network speed and your website’s responsiveness. 

Most, if not all, dedicated servers are bound to be faster than shared hosting. For example, even if you’re a US citizen and you choose an Israel dedicated server, you can get much faster network speeds than you would get with a US shared server. Moreover, your applications or websites can run better, as lag is minimal since you’re the only user. 

Additionally, these types of servers are much more stable than shared ones. That ensures your websites are constantly up and running, as there’s hardly any downtime. Of course, server downtime can happen, but even when the company you’re hosting with is upgrading hardware, for example, they’re likely to circumvent your downtime by moving your websites or apps to a secondary server if they need more time to work on the primary one. 

  1. Scalability 

When starting a website or an ecommerce business, website traffic is not something you can calculate, predict, or know exactly how much of it will be. Instead, you choose a plan that you believe will suit your needs and support your website or business. 

However, your website might grow after a while, and it can start gaining significant numbers of daily users. At this point, you want to prevent slow loading times or an unresponsive website, as these factors massively affect the user experience, affecting your business’s success in the long run. You can prevent it by upgrading your hosting server and scaling it as your business grows. 

If you’re using shared hosting, you’re out of luck. Higher traffic will require a more expensive hosting plan. It might take additional time to upgrade to such a plan, indicating possible downtime for your website and negatively affecting your business. 

On the other hand, companies that host dedicated servers for your website or business have people that monitor your website visits. These people track how many people visit your websites or business, and if they notice higher traffic, they can upgrade your hosting by upgrading the website’s server quickly and efficiently. 

  1. Security 

The most crucial advantage of dedicated servers is advanced internet security. Employees of reliable server-hosting companies monitor your servers 24/7 and are always ready to take measures if something happens. 

Moreover, some basic security measures that most hosting companies offer include protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, preventing hackers, or sometimes even competing companies, from taking down your website. Moreover, your websites will be safe from malware that might steal your data, crash your website, or ruin your business. 

Advanced security measures will depend on the dedicated server hosting company you go with. For example, using an Israel-dedicated server means you’ll enjoy advanced security, as Israeli tech companies are famous for their extreme security measures. 

  1. Tech support 

No matter how much you prepare and your security measures, disasters in the hosting world can still happen. Although it’s uncommon for the targets to be smaller or lesser-known websites, hackers might ruin your day and strike at any time. The proof of that is in the alarming cyber statistics. 

However, you’ll be pleased to know that trustworthy companies hosting dedicated servers have incredible tech support teams. They employ experts that are available 24/7, and they can always help in case of a disaster, no matter what kind of a disaster it is. 

It can be the difference between your website being down for a few minutes or hours until it gets mitigated to a secondary location if you use dedicated servers and not being able to access it for days with shared hosting or, God forbid, the entire website being deleted. 

  1. SEO benefits 

Running a successful website or e-business requires quality content, fast services, and optimizing for search engine rankings. Chances are, you’re familiar with all of this if you’re looking for a dedicated server to host on, so we won’t go into any details about SEO. 

However, what is worth noting are the SEO benefits of using a dedicated server instead of shared hosting. These benefits come in the form of a dedicated IP address only you use. Compared to a shared IP, since, as the name suggests, you’re using shared hosting, you know what’s going on with your dedicated IP address. 

The responsibility for what happens with that IP address and what you use it for online is solely yours. Someone else’s questionable online behavior, which can negatively affect your SEO and your website’s or business’s success, won’t be one of your worries. 


Choosing a dedicated server to host your website or ecommerce business is significantly better than using shared hosting. Sure, it might be more expensive, but its benefits to your website or company, in the long run, are more than worth it. 

These benefits include better website performance, higher speeds and responsiveness, much easier scalability potential, enhanced security, and even SEO benefits. Of course, there’s also fantastic 24/7 tech support if you ever run into any issues, of which the chances are slim.