Development Activities for Career Growth at Cheran Group of Institutions

To provide students clarity for their future career prospects and to guide them in choosing the best career path for themselves, top colleges in India always establish a career development cell in their colleges. This development cell conducts year-round skill development activities and entrepreneurship activities to provide students with a holistic approach to learning. If you are a student, looking for the best colleges in Tirupur that offer career development activities on campus, you should check out the Cheran group of Institutions.

To further help you out, we have written this blog that incorporates the details of career development activities organised by Cheran’s group of institutions and how they can benefit you in making a successful career.

What do you mean by career development activities?

Career development activities are a collection of different activities created by colleges/Universities to make it easier for students to pursue their ideal careers and proceed along a specific professional path. These activities help a student in developing their personality and have a deeper understanding of the numerous types of occupations available and the abilities needed for each.

What career development activities are organised at Cheran Group of Institutions

1.     Evaluation of weaknesses & strengths- The 1st step to offering career development activities is to analyse the strengths & weaknesses of the students. At Cheran, one of the best colleges in Tirupur, the team who organises career development activities asks students to do a self-evaluation of their skills, knowledge, and interest areas. After the self-evaluation done by the students, the team also conducts weakness & strength evaluations of students to effectively analyse and guide students regarding the career options available to them and help them improve their skills & knowledge accordingly.

2.     Group study- Reading books is another career development activity and when it is done in groups, it not only broadens one’s perspectives but also aids in developing a deep understanding of several issues and related topics. And Cheran’s group of institutions promotes group study to bring creativity among students.

3.     Career seminars and discussions- Students are often aware of the few popular career options available in their field and are unaware of the less-discovered career path. And to help students facing such circumstances, one of the best private colleges in Coimbatore, Cheran Group organises seminars and calls industry experts to shed light on undiscovered career paths available for students after studying a specific course.

At the end of the seminar, students can further discuss those career options and opportunities with each other, and faculty members or can even ask any doubts or express their viewpoints with the industry expert.

4.     Industrial visits- To facilitate a better understanding of work culture, job responsibilities, and work process, Cheran Group of Institutions takes students on industrial visits. Listed among the best colleges in Tirupur, this college has industrial collaborations with various organisations where they take their students to get practical exposure.

The first-hand exposure from the industrial visits clarifies the student’s understanding of whether they will be interested in working in that particular industry or profession.

5.     Internship- Industrial visits or internships are two different career development activities. Industrial visits can be for a day or a few days but internships are generally for 2 months or more. And during the internship students work in an organisation, and complete the tasks given by the management. This opportunity helps students of the best colleges in Tirupur understand job responsibility in detail and helps students build a professional network and have better career opportunities in the future.

6.     Projects & assignments- Leading private colleges in Tamilnadu such as the Cheran Group of Institutions also give assignments & projects to the students to enhance their knowledge of the subject matter. It also allows students to learn the different aspects of a career field.

7.     Training for skill enhancement- Cheran Group puts a step forward in preparing their students for the competitive world. Being one of the best colleges in Tirupur, this group of colleges has developed a special placement training program for the students based on a skill set analysis of what various organisations were looking for. They have designed training modules that help students in developing their skills.

8.     Feedback Mechanism- The feedback mechanism is one of the career development activities that work wonders for the students of the Cheran group. On a regular interval, the college career development team gives feedback to the students regarding their progress and the skills they still need to work on.

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Summing up

Career development is a continuous process and the best colleges in Tirupur such as the Cheran Group of institutions lay a strong emphasis on organising result-oriented career development activities that help students in enhancing their skills, and abilities and help them choose a prospective career for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the main aim of a career development cell in a college?

The Career Development Cell of a college strongly emphasizes the steps involved in developing a student’s career, including career awareness, exploration, preparation for a career, and work experience.

2. How can I improve my career skills?

To improve your career skills, you can follow these tips-

  • Set short-term goals
  • Utilize the College’s resources
  • Build a professional network
  • Seek feedback from faculty members, peer groups, and professional leaders
  • Stay up to date about the industry you want to work in
  • Attend workshops, seminars
  • Participate in the internship program.

3. What are the principles of career development?

Principles of career development include Possibility, presence, people, perspective, and perseverance.

4. What are the benefits of career development activities for students?

Career development activities enable students in comprehending the connection between career, academics, and education planning, and also help them in accomplishing their career objectives. Additionally, this helps them in becoming more motivated, and self-directed learners.

5. What is the value of skills for career development?

Career development skills give you the ability to manage your career, perform better in your college placement, and help in gaining the knowledge, and experience necessary to extend your options for careers.