BJMC Course Details: What You Need to Know?

Do you intend to work in the media or communications? If so, enrolling in the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication programme at one of the best colleges for BJMC in Delhi is a great way to get started on your career. Additionally, this study programme has many qualities that make it worth your time and money.

In this blog post, we will delve into the fundamental specifics of the BJMC course, such as the prerequisites, syllabus, potential career paths, and transferable skills you can pick up along the way. And through this blog, we hope to provide a comprehensive understanding of how this course can help you build a successful career in the ever-evolving media industry.

BJMC Course Overview

BJMC is a 3-year course offered by one of the private management colleges in Delhi, JIMS Vasant Kunj II to give students the interdisciplinary skills and knowledge required for a successful career in the media sector.  Additionally, this vocation course material frequently emphasises topics like media research, media problems, media journalism, and mass media communication.

Course Highlights

A few specifics about this course, offered by JIMS Vasant Kunj II are tabulated below:

Course NameB.Voc (Journalism and Media Management)
Degree LevelUndergraduate
Duration3 years
Average Course FeeRanges from INR 1,35,000 to INR 1,45,000 per year

BJMC Eligibility Requirements

To pursue the BJMC course at one of the top-ranked mass communication colleges in Delhi, you must fulfill the given below criteria:

  • Shall complete the 10+2 education from a recognised board.
  • Must obtain an aggregate of 50%.
  • The Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences also administers an entrance test to determine a candidate’s eligibility for the course. And, students interested in pursuing a journalism and mass communication course must take a writing test about media-related professional skills.

BJMC Curriculum

The best colleges for BJMC in Delhi offer a thorough curriculum for the BJMC vocational programme, which is intended to give students the information and skills needed in the media and communication industries. However, the study normally lasts three years and is broken up into six semesters. This time allows students to study different facets of media, journalism, advertising, public relations, and more through a combination of theoretical and practical learning activities.

Please refer to the table below to get a semester-wise overview of the course:

                        Semester I                    Semester II
Skill ComponentGeneral ComponentSkill ComponentGeneral Component
Principles of CommunicationEnglish & Communication SkillsIndian Culture & Media EthicsTV Journalism
Soft Skills and Personality DevelopmentHistory of Media in IndiaPrint JournalismRadio Production (Lab)*
Photography (Lab)Foreign Language- French -I  Hindi JournalismWriting for Media
Fundamentals of Still PhotographyComputer Fundamentals & Applications Foreign Language- French -II
   Radio Programming and Production
                        Semester III                    Semester IV
Skill ComponentGeneral ComponentSkill ComponentGeneral Component
Development CommunicationComputer GraphicsElective- Radio Jockeying & News Anchoring or Video EditingAdvertising
Indian Constitution & Economic GrowthPrint Media – Specialized Reporting & Feature WritingPublic Relations & Advertising (Lab)Life Skills
Environment StudiesPrint Media – Specialized Reporting & Feature Writing(Lab)Cyber JournalismPrinciples of Public Relations
 Computer Graphics (Lab)- IElectronic Media (Lab) 
 Basics of Video Camera, Lights, and SoundMOOC II 
                        Semester V                    Semester VI
Skill ComponentGeneral ComponentSkill ComponentGeneral Component
Media Research        Personality Development & Interview TechniquesElective: Health Journalism Or Sports JournalismEntrepreneurship Development
Event ManagementDigital MarketingMedia ManagementFilm Appreciation
Media Research (Lab)Media Laws    Final Project & Comprehensive VivaMedia & Gender Issues
Computer Graphics (Lab)-II Global Media Scenario 
Internship Report & Viva   

 Skills acquired in a BJMC Course

The BJMC course at JIMS Vasant Kunj II, one of the management colleges in Delhi equips students with highly sought-after skills for the media sector, giving graduates a competitive edge in finding jobs and achieving success in their chosen career pathways. Some of those hard and soft skills include:

  • Effective Communication
  • Research and Analysis
  • Critical Thinking
  • Media Planning
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Storytelling
  • Digital Content Creation

Career Prospects for BJMC Degree Holders

Attaining the BJMC course from the best journalism colleges in Delhi opens up a plethora of exciting career opportunities. Additionally, BJMC graduates can explore diverse sectors such as news organisations, broadcasting channels, advertising agencies, public relations firms, corporate houses, and online media platforms.

Some of the prominent job roles include:

Job ProfilesDescriptionAverage Salary
JournalistThese individuals primarily work for a newspaper, radio station, or television programme, and might also work independently (freelance).INR 3.39 lakhs
Public Relations SpecialistThey serve as a point of communication between the public and the employer. However, the best colleges for BJMC in Delhi equip these individuals to develop strong bonds with their clients and work to keep them over the long haul.INR 5.60 lakhs
Media ConsultantThey primarily work for organisations seeking favourable news coverage and create media releases to reframe public image.INR 6.43 lakhs
Content Marketing ManagerTheir primary duty is to implement complete content delivery plans that include print, video, audio, and other types of material.INR 6.5 lakhs
Social Media ManagerHe or she essentially acts as the brand’s spokesperson across numerous platforms by responding to any comments, organising campaigns, and producing content.INR 3.52 lakhs

Final Thoughts

The BJMC degree is a springboard to an exciting career in media and communication, and it equips students with a solid foundation and the abilities they need to succeed in the sector. Furthermore, graduates of the best colleges for BJMC in Delhi are well-positioned to build a name for themselves in the vibrant and constantly evolving media industry due to the rising demand for media professionals. So, if you have a keen interest in media and communication, the BJMC course might be the perfect fit for you.

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1. What are the top benefits of studying at the best colleges for BJMC in Delhi?

Courses from the best colleges for BJMC in Delhi provide the listed-below advantages:

  • Enhance communication skills
  • Develop creative mindset
  • Prepare to take over challenging and interesting projects
  • Provide plentiful opportunities to travel and explore
  • Offer lucrative career options

2. Is BJMC a good career choice?

A BJMC degree lets you work in a range of fields, such as journalism, radio, television, advertising, public relations, content creation, digital marketing, event planning, corporate communication, etc.

3. Who are the prominent BJMC placement partners at Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences?

Among the best colleges for BJMC in Delhi, JIMS Vasant Kunj II has a strong track record of placing its BJMC graduates at organisations like The Hindustan Times, India News TV, NDTV, The Indian Express, etc.

4. Which is better: BJMC or BMM?

You can study media, advertising, and broadcasting in a BJMC course, but BMM courses include a wider range of topics if you want to work in advertising. However, neither course is superior to the other when comparing them.

5. What is the most crucial element of journalism?

The concept of objectivity is the most significant part of journalism. Hence, journalists are expected to maintain objectivity at all times while conducting interviews with sources, researching current events, and writing and reporting their articles.