Components of Flow Control Valves

A flow control valve is a control device that manages and directs the accurate flow of the fluid by changing the size of the passage. That’s why they are used in various commercial and industrial systems and equipment. Proportional solenoid valves are the best options for systems in which its crucial to adjust the pressure, temperature and other process variables from time to time as per the need. All the components of the valve work effectively for providing accurate and precise control over the flow rate and the other process variables. 

Below we have listed the components of a solenoid proportional valve:


This is the main component of the proportional solenoid valve and all the other parts are present inside it. All the parts are kept together inside the body. Bolts and welded joints are used for piping inside the body. In most valves, this component is made of cast iron and is also known as the shell because it covers all the other parts. 


This is a cover that is divided into two parts and used for the opening of the valve body.


This component is available inside the proportional solenoid valve and consists of a sleeve, stem, seat and disk. All the internal components of a valve are referred to as trim collectively. The connection of the disk position to the seat and its interface defines the performance of the valve. Trim is responsible for the basic motion and control of the flow rate. 

Disk and Seat:

The disk is an integral component of the flow control valve and is responsible for controlling the flow rate. It is a pressure-retaining component of the valve. It is necessary for the surface to have a fine finish for achieving good sealing. 


This component of the proportional solenoid valve connects the actuator and the disk and is responsible for positioning the disk accurately. Stem is connected to the disk with welded joints. The stem should be flexible enough that the disk can position itself against the seat. They are two types of valve stem that are: rising stems and non-rising stems. 


Actuator is the main component of a low flow valve and this component is responsible for operating the stem and disk assembly. An actuator can be motor-operated, solenoid operated or pneumatic-operated.

Valve Packing:

This is the sealing of the Proportional flow control valves and is made of a deformable material in the solid form or split ring and is available in the box. It is used for the packing of the valve to prevent leakages between the stem and the bonnet. 

Final Words:

Proportional solenoid valves have various components that contribute to their performance. All of these components work collaboratively to provide the expected results. But it’s also a fact that choosing the right type and size of the vale is necessary for a specific application and system. For choosing the right valve it’s crucial to consider the type of fluid, the function that you want to perform through it and many other essential factors.