4 Tips for Decorating Your Office

Undoubtedly, people spend a lot of their lives working. With regular 8-hour workdays, you spend a third of your day at the office. But since the work environment has gotten more competitive and you might have a bigger workload, you might be putting in extra hours. 

Since you will be spending so much of your time in your office, the environment should make you happy and productive. Other than choosing the right company with good people, you should also decorate your office the best way for yourself. 

Since it’s not easy to decorate an office because it will be on display for your colleagues, clients, and bosses, you can use the following tips for some guidance. 

Personalize Your Space

Since your office is your space, you should personalize it. That means you can start putting up photos of yourself, your family, and your friends. You can also hang pictures of your graduation, receiving awards, or meeting influential people. 

Other than pictures, you can also hang up art, get creative mugs, and even get lamps or something. Whatever you need to do to make it seem like you have ownership over the office because the space is yours. 

However, you should make sure it is still professional. After all, it is a workplace. You can do that by using office signage, among other things. 

Use Plants and Windows

The human body is not naturally made to be indoors without natural lighting or any sign of natural life. If you do, your mood might not be good, your health could suffer, and you may feel less productive. 

Therefore, you should take full advantage of the windows in your office. If you’re working out of a glass building, then you might have glass instead of one or two of the walls. If your office is in the middle of the building and you don’t have any windows or glass, you can adapt by getting plants. 

Different plants are known for their beneficial properties and great scents. Also, having plants in your office can allow you to reduce your stress and increase your productivity. Not to mention, watching your plant grow with your career can be satisfying. 

Keep It Clean and Functional 

On the road to making your office more “You”, try not to clutter up the space with too much non-work stuff. The best way to have a clean and functional office is to have great organizational skills with the right storage space. 

But first, clear up your workstation and make sure you have the room you need to work efficiently. Then, make sure you have room for visitors to comfortably stand or sit. Then, you can look into your storage options for your files, documents, or even a change of clothes, among other things. 

Have the Right Lighting and Colors

If you have plenty of natural sunlight coming in, then lighting might not be an issue. That is until the sun starts to set. Therefore, regardless of how much sun you’re getting, you need to have enough lighting, of the right hue, to be productive at work. 

The same goes for the colors of your office. Instead of having plain white or off-white paint, give your walls some color. It will not only make the space look better, but also improve your mood and productivity.