Types of logistics services in Singapore

Before looking at the various types of logistics services, especially in Singapore, let’s look at the meaning of logistics services and the kind of companies that offer these logistics services.

What is logistics services?

Logistics services is simply defined as a detailed general collection, sorting, organization and implementation of a complex operation. Using the minds eye of a general business owner and reviewing the definition of logistics services with a business mindset, logistics services can therefore be defined as the management of the flow of activities between the point of production and the point of consumption, so as to meet the unique specifications of customers or corporations.

Companies that provide the most unique and preferred kind of logistical services are third party logistical companies (3PL)

What are 3PL Companies

3PL companies are companies that provide logistics services. 3PL  stands for (third-party logistics). These companies are major providers of outsourced logistics services ranging from warehousing, transportation, order fulfillment, packaging, picking, inventory forecasting, freight forwarding, cross-docking and lots more. Every 3PL company is distinct and unique from each other. A single 3PL company can offer just one service, for example, warehouse storage or shipping or they can render several logistics services such as warehousing, freight forwarding, and order fulfillment. These logistical services varie from company to company and depends also on the kind of service needed by a customer at a particular time.

Here are some types of logistical services you can find in Singapore;

International Freight and Logistics service

Because of the increased number of “open borders” in our current global business economy today, there has been a spike in the number of new business opportunities craeted for both old and new business companies and enthusiasts who are willing to participate in the highly profitable international business markets. Some of these business conglomerates and gurus may have certain interests and reasons and could desire to ship their products to other states or countries, this is where the help of these logistical companies are needed. These companies have adept international freight specialists and professionals that can provide innovative logistical solutions any all problems encountered during the shipping process, as well as a personalized customer support system that ensures your international shipments are handled efficiently with little or no stress, according to your desired specifications.

Import, Export, and Licensing Solution Service

The idea of wanting to handle importing, exporting and licensing product services can be expensive and very daunting, if it is not supervised by a professional international bales forwarder. Some of these logistical companies provide these experts that can process all your import, export and licensing requirements effectively, which helps you reduce any unwanted international trade hassle that will most likely bring losses to your business or company’s business. These logistical companies have import licenses around various regions that can help you transport your products to your customers without the need of you going through any red tape to get your goods to your clients.

Warehousing Services (including Cold Storage and Bonded Warehouse Capability)

Warehousing can do two things to your business, save it or destroy it. Most logistic companies use their wide network of concerted and committed distributions and warehousing solutions, that will help guide you as a legitimate business owner to fulfill all your promises to your clients anywhere in the world. Some of these logistics companies even have cold storage facilities, that help preserve your perishable items. There are some additional services that are often added along with warehousing, some of which includes labeling, repacking, kitting, quality inspection, yard management, etc.

Local Delivery Services

Some logistics company also specialize in local delivery around a specific region or country. These local delivery services are usually directed towards key markets in major areas of society. Delivery could be carried out using company transportation or an outside delivery system.

E-commerce Fulfillment Services

Adequate customer order fulfillment and management services are a key component of any renowned supply chain system. A successful supply chain system, employs the use of high tech efficient communication system and transport equipment that makes it possible for customer cargo to be delivered to respective clients at the appropriate time.

Direct Market Access and Marketing

Many logistics companies have dealings with reputable personalities in the society. Companies with this kind of connection offer their customers free marketing services of various goods and a direct link to local and international market access in Asia and any where else in the world.

Halal Warehousing and Delivery

Halal warehousing and delivery covers any and all halal products in the country. Most logistical companies have a halal logistic department that can cater for your halal products as a customer. The department clearly and effectively handles all logistical issues pertaining to your products. These companies ensure that goods from Muslims do not come in contact with any haram (forbidden Islamic foods) such as pigs, dead animals, carrion, animals with claws, talons or fangs, and lots more.  These companies adhere strictly to all kinds of halal hygiene and sanitation rules. Equipment also used to ship and deliver these halal products are also made free from impurities a d contaminants as laid down by the Muslim law.

In a nutshell, seeking logistics services from 3PL companies or any other logistical service provider, empowers you with the opportunity and freedom needed to focus on developing and effectively managing other areas of your small or large business, including the areas of manufacturing and marketing of goods and services. These logistical companies offer a wide range of high-quality services that completely obliterates all your fears, ranging from warehousing services to halal logistics services and lots more. This gives you, the business owner, the time required to focus solely on growing your business.

Finally, these wide range of logistic services are pocket friendly and cost effective, guaranteeing you of money well invested in your business. The services are flexible and dynamic enough to suit all your business desires.