Tips to relieve Migraine

Migraines make life hell and there is no denial about it. They cause extreme pain and drain all your energy making you unable to live a normal life. There is no specific medical explanation for migraines or a cure for them. They are mostly triggered by other factors and can be relieved by taking medicines as prescribed by your Pain Management consultant in Dubai. It is important to learn which factor is triggering migraine in you. Sometimes, it could become difficult to pinpoint the blame on a certain factor and people take years to find out what has caused their head to feel like exploding with pain. In this post, we have gathered some common triggers and ways to avoid them.

Know the triggers

Migraine does not result from any disease, virus, or bacteria but is triggered by certain factors. These factors vary from person to person. For example, some people get headaches due to excessive job work and others due to the stress of daily life. Based on our interaction with migraine patients, below are some common triggers of migraine in people

  • Stress
  • Exposure to light
  • Fatigue
  • Menstrual periods
  • Changes in normal sleep pattern
  • Smoking
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Change in weather/season
  • Certain foods and drinks
  • Excessive caffeine intake or withdrawal from it
  • Skipping meals or fasting
  • Certain smells

To treat the migraine, you need to understand the factor triggering it most. You need to observe your life events, especially happening before the start of the migraine. For instance, if exposure to bright or flickering lights triggers a headache. Below are given some tips to avoid these triggers;

Eating Habits

In some cases, unhealthy eating habits are one of the leading factors triggering migraines. It is advised to eat meals on time and avoid such diet plans that deprive your body of food on time. You also need to observe what you ate are drink before the start of the headache. If you get a headache every time after eating or drinking something, in particular, that’s the culprit. You also need to watch out for your caffeine intake. The excessive amount of caffeine in your food or drink can potentially cause migraines.

Sleeping Habits

Abnormal sleeping habits are also one of the common causes of migraines in certain individuals. You need to get a healthy amount of six to eight hours of sleep every day. Instead of sleeping in breaks or taking small naps, sleep at a natural time i.e at night, and wake up on time in the morning.

Excessive exercise

Exercise such as walking, running, jogging, cardio, etc. is generally considered a safe and key part of healthy life. However, if you notice fatigue or migraine right after the workout, you need to take the sign.


Downsizing the stress is key to staying away from headaches and migraines. You need to restore your support system in life i.e. friends or family, to talk about your issues. Meditate, pray, exercise, and travel, to stay calm and happy in your life. If you are unable to find help, consult with a psychologist. You can also seek stress management classes or a community network to help come over the feeling.

What to do in a migraine?

As you notice the start of migraine, take the medicine as prescribed by your doctor. In most cases, medicines take time to effect so till then you have to be patient. As the pain starts, go to a dark and quiet room and lay down for a while. If you have company around you, there is no shame in telling them to keep quiet and not bother you till you have recovered. In some cases, bright lights and sounds play an active role in triggering the pain so make sure to turn off the lights and rest in a quiet room. You can also try hot or cold compresses to dull the pain. As the medicine will start showing its effect, you will notice a gradual decrease in the intensity of the pain till it subsides completely. If you are in search of an effective Migraine Treatment in Dubai, there is no better option than Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma in Dubai.