Tips to Choose the Right Accessory for Your Skin Tone


Women generally think that the right accessory is the one which is according to the latest fashion trend. But the reality is different. The accessory which makes you feel good and gives you a good look at any moment of time is right for you. The best

way of choosing an accessory is that it should be according to your skin tone. A jewelry not matching your skin tone will not fit your personality. Now we will give you some tips about choosing the right accessory that will suit to your skin tone:

1.First know your skin tone– Skin tone plays a big role in choosing the right jewelry. The fashion experts always suggest that the accessory should match perfectly with it. All people do not exactly know about their skin tone, so it creates difficulty for them to choose the right accessory for them. Your skin tone can be either cool or warm and so your jewelry should match with it. If it is cool, it will burn in the presence of sun and if it is warm, it will glow in summer.

2.Choosing jewelry for warm skin tone– After knowing that your skin tone is warm, you should select the accessory that is a perfect match for this type of skin. If you wear rose gold or yellow gold then it matches perfectly with your warm skin. After wearing these metals you will look stunning. For bronze skin, jewelry like alexandrite and ruby peridot are the perfect match. Always grab the yellow diamonds for your warm skin tone.

3.Choosing accessory for cool skin tone– The accessories for women with cool skin tone are totally different than those with a warm skin tone because if it is warm then it is very fair. The ladies with a cool skin tone have a pale complexion. If they wear white gold, platinum or silver accessories then it matches perfectly with their cool skin tone. If it is cool, the timeless pearls are a good match. You can also try aquamarine, zircon, sapphire and opal. All these accessories are best for you in all seasons and at all parties and functions.

4.Always get a perfect eye wear– While picking up accessories, selecting a perfect eye wear is also important. If you are selecting an eye wear according to the latest trend, then it can be a mistake. Your eyewear should also match the skin tone to give you a good look. For warm skin tones, the eye frames should be of brighter shades. These eye frames are comfortable with your skin. For cool skin, you should select black, silver, purple and pink frames.

5.Get a perfect wrist watch– First of all you have to select the best strap for your watch. The straps are generally made of wood, synthetic, rubber, plastic and metal. All these straps are perfect for all skin tones whether it is warm or cool. If your strap is made of metal then you should go for silver, platinum and white gold for a cool skin tone. But for warm skin tone it should be made up of yellow gold, rose gold, copper and brass. If you face any difficulty to find the best strap for it then you should select wooden strap because it is perfect for every skin tone whether it is cool or warm.

While considering skin tones the selection of gems and dials also matters a lot. A watch with red, orange and green embellishments is good for a cool skin tone. But for warm skin tone, you should go for yellow and brown embellishments.

Dial of the watch should also be matched with the skin tone. Way of selecting a dial is the same as that for straps.

6.Always go for diamonds in every season– The ladies are sometimes confused about their skin tone type, so they find it difficult to get a perfect match between their skin tone and accessories. In this case they should go for diamonds because they fit best to every skin tone. The diamonds look glowing and ravishing on warm as well as cool skin tones. If still you are in a doubt then you can go for handcrafted jewelry online which is available in a good range and you can wear them to give you a nice look.