The Nashville Landlord’s Guide: 5 Proven Property Management Tips for Rentals

Nashville is one of the best places to invest in real estate as the city booms with young life and rich investors streaming in from other places in the US. The city is one of the fastest rising metropolitans in the US as many migrate there, leading to the rising residential and commercial property demand. 

For real estate owners and developers, this is an opportunity to build more rental properties and earn from a diversified asset and wealth portfolio.

While you may be interested in the high performance of rental property, you need to be ready to attract the right tenants and institute streamlined property management practices. These practices are ideal for ensuring your property remains lucrative and your tenant enjoys living happily on your property. 

For a property owner, the key is to retain and attract more tenants through unique practices to make them happy and to ensure the property gets occupied to capacity.

1. Property Management Software and Platforms

Every property must have a property manager, i.e., the person in charge of caring for your tenants’ needs and ensuring they are comfortable living there. Besides the property manager, you should exploit the power of software and digital technology to manage the clients effectively. You can do so by using property management software, which enables you to manage various functions and activities. 

It also allows you to oversee the property management, be involved in the management, and avoid leaving everything in the hands of a third party. Besides the software, you should contact and hire an excellent property management Nashville agent to manage all the property on your behalf. 

The application is ideal for communicating with tenants, tracking their complaints, and ensuring that maintenance requests and repairs get done on time. The software can also help you update the property based on the current details and conditions. Besides that, it can help you manage the rental collection details, as the details are updated whenever one pays. 

Therefore, ensure the platform can accommodate as many functions as possible to ensure tenant happiness and effective property management to make them attractive. 

2. Effective Marketing Practices

The city is a hotbed of real estate rentals as every location is currently springing with new property for rentals; this means stiff competition between property owners. Therefore, the first rule to succeed in such a competitive market is to institute the best marketing practices to effectively market rental real estate properties without spending much.

Social media allows property owners to enjoy free marketing and reach the largest audience possible. Whenever everyone is looking for a property to rent, the first place of consideration is social media; hence, you should provide all the details on social media. By providing the property details, you make your property unique since you answer all the questions potential clients wish to know.

Besides social media, you can also market through local marketing services, including local radio and television stations, which can help you focus your efforts on local markets. You can also create billboard posters and lists in some of the most populated areas. 

3. Effective Communication and Tenant Engagement 

Good tenant management is ideal for ensuring a critical relationship with the tenant to ensure they are happy and satisfied living in your property. You need a good relationship to ensure they help you market the property through word of mouth and positively talking about it. Having a good engagement and relationship makes them feel like they are property co-owners; hence, they can effectively care for the property as their own. 

This will help you avoid tenets malice and property damages to ensure the property remains attractive even as they leave the property.

4. Stakeholder Collaboration

Success in the real estate sector requires collaboration between you and other agents in charge of various activities. Therefore, you must recognize the impact of multiple stakeholders and how much you need them for effective property management. Consequently, you should have a good relationship, contract, and collaboration to maintain your property value and attractiveness. 

The first is the maintenance and repair teams in charge of various property management practices to ensure the property is always in the best condition regardless of age and attractiveness. They include HVAC, landscaping, property inspectors, and other people you need for various duties. 

Therefore, they have contracts detailing their timey responsibilities such as repairs, repaints, landscaping, or attending to tenants’ needs in case of any issues.

Other groups you should focus on are the property marketers and financiers. This includes mortgages and banks that can help you refinance your property, insurance companies, and other financial groups to meet financial needs. You also need a good relationship with agents to help with marketing and the locals for word-of-mouth marketing.

5. Always Run a Background Check

Not every tenant will pay on time, leading to cases of defaults, and some may use the law to justify their stay, affecting their income. Rental default can have an impact on you, especially when you are paying higher mortgages for the property owned. Therefore, to avoid such uncertainties, you must investigate potential tenants before they occupy the property correctly. 

Do financial, work, and job background checks to ensure they can pay for the property even if they lose their jobs. Next, do character screening to avoid hosting thugs or those who may be a nuisance to other tenants. Revisit their previous landlord agreements and reason for them to move out into a new property. 

Also, establish rules that all tenets must abide by to avoid negligence, rental default, and nuisance while living on your property. 


Running a real estate property for a rental can be easier when you have a perfect relationship with stakeholders such as tenants, repairs, urban planners, and other teams. Therefore, begin by having the right marketing campaign, property management software, and practices to attract and manage tenants effectively. 

If you are committed to other duties, hire property managers to oversee the property on your behalf and ensure proper services to tenants.