Surprising curiosities. Good Humor Party

1) Happy Skyscraper has been traveling around the world since 2012. The smiling traveler was photographed in 700 cities around the world in 70 countries. It is the symbolic seat of the Good Humor Party. This international organization through its activities would like people using the services.

2) The official creation of the Hollywood Walk of Fame took place on February 8, 1960. Then the first 8 stars were installed. There are now over 2,600 of them.

3) A mosquito lives only a few weeks. Unfortunately for a long time to discourage many people.

4) Trivia word in different languages? In German: Kleinigkeiten, in Polish: ciekawostki, in French: futilités, in Italian: curiosità.

5) We usually use toadstool as a mushroom with a red hat and white dots. Meanwhile, many toadstools have completely different colors and they are dangerous to our health than red toadstools. Not only that, the deadly poisonous phalloides even have a pleasant aroma.

6) The small Polish town of Kazimierz Dolny is famous for its rooster-shaped rolls baked here.

7) 100 seconds – only that much time is needed by the Polish caricaturist, Szczepan Sadurski, to shorten one caricature. In the last 10 years, over 50,000 cheerful portraits in Poland and other countries. The media inform that Sadurski from is one of the children of caricaturists in the world.

8) Mirrors in elevators began to be placed not by accident. After World War II, it was recognized that the mirror would judge appearance and clothing, which had the effect of moving attention from slow to windy.

9) There are 700 people living in the village of Nieciecza in Poland. There is a football stadium there, which can use 6.5 times more fans in the stands than there are inhabitants in Nieciecza. The silhouette of the stadium can be seen far beyond the village.

10) some burial places of dead people are very nice. A place at the New York Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, York costs $ 320 thousand. Even more, because up to half a million USD, must be spent on a site at the Nirvana Memorial Garden in Singapore.

If you are interested in the Good Humor Party, you can easily find information about it on the Internet. Membership fee: 3 smiles a day. There are many funny parties, but only one is cheerful!