SUPER NOVA: Proficient car rental patron

Introduction to Super Nova

Supernova car rental was established as a one-stop car rental solution with a wide layout. Pannu car rental will definitely give a security guarantee to all its valued customers. We are leaders in the industry and are responsible for making it easy for our customers by providing a reliable, portable, and convenient booking process to hire a supercar in Dubai.

Anyone can sell an idea, but you have to do it to be successful. Can we imagine a world completely dependent on transportation? It is very difficult, because luxury is no longer just a habit, but a necessity of the present world. But in the 90s, any visit or excursion was limited to public transport, because hiring a taxi was not something everyone could afford.

However, in order to solve this problem on a large scale, Supernova Rent a Luxury Car, which deals with the rental business, found a great solution, which is where people can choose their pocket car for a day or more.

The role played by the company in rental services

  • The concept of providing comfort and mobility to more vehicles is common. Dreaming of something big, the founders of Supernova started with renting 1 or 2 cars, and have grown to rent many cars and luxury cars and chauffeurs.
  • They are one of the well-known tour companies in the luxury car segment. They offer their customers the best experience by revealing a wide range of Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes, BMW M3, and Toyota Fortuner for rent in DUBAI all luxury sedans with fully trained drivers.
  • We provide clean, well-maintained vehicles to make your trip as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Safety measures of the company

  • As safety is our number one concern, all our boats are GPS enabled so they can be easily tracked when needed.
  • Their service provides car rental services for other purposes such as photography vehicles, wedding cars, airport transportation, pre-wedding events, company cars, surface cars moo, racing cars, city cars, transportation for VIP and government delegations, and classic cars.
  • They also offer self-driving services so you can embark on your own journey with family and friends. We are confident to provide the best service and professionalism.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Supernova is one of the famous travel companies in the luxury car field, they have their own luxury cars. It has been several years since they served the customers with the understanding of customer satisfaction and followed the process, which is their first priority. The company takes good care of its fleet and provides clean cars with young and well-trained drivers.
  • All the vehicles are loved and used by experienced, courteous, polite, and patient personnel. For safety reasons, all our cars have GPS, which is an added advantage as vehicles can be tracked at any time.
  • We also have a state-of-the-art 24/7 back office that works seamlessly with our customers to provide the best and most efficient service.
  • Most of the customers want to go beyond Dubai within UAE and look for Fortuner rental price in Dubai. At Supernova Toyota Fortuner is well maintained and very certain about the performance and look for the trip.