Reshape Your Nose Non-Surgically With a Rhinoplasty Procedure 

For a long time, the only option to change the appearance of your nose was to undergo extensive plastic surgery, which required a significant time commitment and the risk of something going wrong. However, there is now a non-surgical procedure that can alter the shape of your nose without surgery. 

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is rapid, painless, and immediately produces effects. This procedure for straightening your nose and assisting you in achieving a more symmetrical appearance involves a filler to change its contour. Anyone who dislikes the appearance of their nose but does not want to alter its size should consider non-surgical nose reshaping. 

What Is Non-surgical Rhinoplasty? 

Non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure, often known as “liquid nose job” or “15-minute nose job,” is a procedure that does not require surgery.” This technique is great for those who want to reduce the angularity or smooth out bumps on their nose but aren’t ready for a permanent fix or are concerned about the hazards and recovery time associated with a conventional rhinoplasty. 

In What Way Does It Work? 

To alter the form of your nose without surgery, dermal filler components are used. Injectable fillers, typically hyaluronic acid or botox, are gel-like substances injected beneath the skin in areas where you want to add volume or smooth out wrinkles.

The filler ingredient sinks into the deeper skin layers where it is injected and retains its form. Depending on your skin type, the effects you want, and the chemical you use, this can alter the appearance of your nose for four months to three years. 

What Happens During The Procedure? 

In contrast to surgical rhinoplasty, the liquid rhinoplasty process is relatively straightforward. Following a consultation in which you describe your intended outcomes, the specialist will have you lie down with your face arched up. A topical anesthetic may be administered to your nose and adjacent region to avert needle pain. 

After the anesthesia has taken hold, the physician will inject the filler into the region around your nose and the bridge of your nose. You may feel a tiny pinching or pressure as this is being done. The entire operation can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. 

Is There Any Sort Of Recuperation Time? 

Unlike a surgical nose job, non-surgical nose reshaping requires no recovery time. Some mild side effects may last a few days, such as redness and swelling, but nothing that will prohibit you from carrying about your usual routine. 

What to Expect After the Procedure 

You may experience pain, inflammation, and redness when administering your injection after liquid rhinoplasty. The injection will begin to subside after an hour or two. You should be able to see your expected objectives more clearly when the redness starts to fade. 

To cool off after your session, bring an ice pack. If you want to use it to lessen swelling and redness, ask your doctor if it’s okay. Within a week or two, full results ought to be apparent. By then, any redness or bruising should have fully gone. 

Those who swear by liquid rhinoplasty appreciate the little downtime necessary after the procedure. You can resume working and engaging in your usual activities the next day. Within six months, most filler components will disappear beneath your skin. Certain filler components can last for up to three years. However, the effects of a liquid nose job are never long-lasting. 

Does Non-Operative Rhinoplasty Accomplish What Surgeries Do? 

A non-surgical nose job has drawbacks in comparison to regular rhinoplasty. For instance, non-surgical rhinoplasty only delivers benefits that last up to six months and cannot reduce the size of your nose. Dermal fillers, however, can change some traits and temporarily smooth out lumps. 

Ideal candidates for this non-surgical procedure include those seeking to: 

  • Provide the appearance that the nose is narrower (it won’t truly make the nose smaller) 
  • Centralize the columella of the nose 
  • Promote asymmetry 
  • Smooth bumps and depressions 
  • Enhance the nose’s bridge or tip. 
  • Make a nasal tip protrusion (a more pointed tip) 
  • Decrease flare or make nostrils more symmetrical. 

Non-surgical nose jobs are a great way to experiment with modest adjustments to your nose or see how different alterations might seem. But if you want significant, long-lasting alterations, traditional rhinoplasty might be a better option. 

Is Nose Tip Reshaping Without Surgery Safe and Effective? 

An HA filler study of 52 patients demonstrated the efficacy and safety of non-surgical nose reshaping. Each patient in the trial received a non-surgical nose reshaping shot of a smooth, cohesive, and viscous filler. 

Following therapy, researchers monitored patient complications and adverse effects. They scored patients’ cosmetic treatment outcomes using a subjective measure. More than 96% of research participants reported being “extremely satisfied” with their care. Patients also reported no serious complications or adverse effects. 

Another study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) confirms the safety and efficacy of non-surgical nose reshaping. The study examined 5,000 non-surgical nose surgeries completed between 2015 and 2019. Researchers discovered that erythema (skin redness) and inflammation were the two most common side effects of non-surgical rhinoplasties. 

These symptoms often lasted up to five days following therapy and then left independently. According to the researchers, a small percentage of patients (0.5%) had signs of vascular occlusion (blockage of a blood artery) after non-surgical nose contouring. In most of these cases, patients were able to reestablish blood flow. 

Does a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Last Long? 

The results of non-surgical nose jobs are just transitory. These differ depending on the injection utilized and other circumstances. According to the ASPS study, most patients had non-surgical nose job outcomes that lasted nine to twelve months. In a few cases, patients did not need additional nose reshaping with surgery injections even 24 months after their initial therapy. 

Are There Any Other Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Treatments Available? 

In the past, there have been reports about using exercises to reduce nose size without surgery. There have also been instances of at-home therapies, such as using toothpaste or apple cider vinegar to restructure the nose. 

Ultimately, dermal fillers and Botox are tried and true non-surgical rhinoplasty solutions. Alternative options exist, but no research has yet to be published demonstrating their effectiveness or safety for non-surgical nose reshaping. 

Final Thoughts 

The nose is an essential part of a person’s overall facial look. If the nose appears crooked, overly wide, or small compared to other facial characteristics, it might detract from the overall look. If you’re considering a liquid nose job, you must find an expert specialist. Because of the possibilities of issues involving your eyesight, it’s critical to choose a specialist who is familiar with the structure of the face and the blood arteries surrounding your nose and eyes.