Pet Grooming Tips To Follow In Different Seasons

There are numerous potential benefits to grooming pets, including aesthetical and health advantages. The key to grooming pets properly is to start it early in the life of your pet, as it will simplify the process.

As a provider of pet services in Dubai we would recommend pet grooming throughout the year. However, each season will pose its own set of challenges regarding this process, which is why you must turn to seasonal groomer pet supplies. You may approach a professional pet groomer for assistance, but you can handle many of those challenges on your own with these tips. Here, we will discuss many pieces of information to aid you in better taking care of your pet anytime throughout the year.

Pet Grooming during the summer

It pays to keep your canine on a frequent grooming schedule, as it will aid you in detecting issues with its skin, nails, ears, and coat. Providers of professional pet grooming in UAE also recommend cutting the long fur of a dog with a two-clipper comb to under 9.5 millimetres. For a dog that has long fur, it is known as a swimmer’s fur cut.

Check the temperature of the pavement before you walk your dog along the area. A common issue in the summer is burned dog paw pads. It is more common especially with lighter-coloured paw pads, as these are likely to burn much more easily. During the summertime, go for a walk with your dog at a time when sunlight exposure is less. If you cannot do so at that time, as a pets health Dubai and Abu Dhabi service provider, we would recommend using adhesive pads or booties for additional protection for your dog. Be sure that you keep the animal well-hydrated in the summer.

We would recommend cutting the nails of your pup frequently at a professional groomer’s location or our veterinary clinic since we have professional pet grooming. We would also recommend checking the ears of your pup for infection signs, particularly if it swims in the season. Gently clean your dog’s ears whenever the animal gets wet. When you have any doubt, feel free to ask your professional groomer or a veterinarian in your area for help. As a provider of pet services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi we only want the best for your animals.

Pet Grooming during winter

A good coat is important to help regulate the temperature of your dog and keep its skin devoid of infection. Frequent bathing is as important in the wintertime as it is during the summer months, as dogs can have drying consequences of cold weather. Be sure to soothe dry dog skin while keeping fur moisturized with a gentle pet moisturizing shampoo in the wintertime.

Proper brushing is vital for a long-haired dog or one with a thick coat, but particularly important over the winter days. Matted hair keeps moisture in, and it can hold bacterial growth while contributing to skin infections. It is also likely to be uncomfortable.

Regular brushing can promote natural oil distribution through the coat of your dog, thus helping it to cope with dry skin, a dry and dull coat and possible infection.