Must Know about Gimkit

Gimkit is an online testing and review platform, which can be used for any subject or content area. On Gimkit, teachers can create their own study “kits” with terms and explanations for students to study. These kits can then be turned into live competitions, or assigned to classes as homework.

The idea for Gimkit came from a student working on a high school project. For the reason that he originates game-based learning is principally charming, he designed an app that he would most enjoy using in class.

There is also an extensive collection of pre-built Gimkit Kits, which can be allocated to classes, or used in a live format as you create.

Gimkit is like a mix of Kahoot and Quizlet it has a more “games show” feel than Quizlet (like Kahoot), with added features like receiving in-game “cash.” However, kits are based on additional flashcards and may have more multi-faceted questions (such as written responses) than Kahoot!

Gimkit was formed by students to help them participate and cooperate with their learning knowledge. In this article, we will make available answers to the most popular questions approximately Gimkit, how to use it, how to segment it, and why it can be a great teaching tool for you and your students.

How much does a Gimkit Pro subscription cost?

The first 30 days are free, and thereafter the monthly subscription fee is $4.99. it gives you access to all the tools and games you need to monitor student progress and knowledge, as well as lower grading with its built-in automatic grading system.

Can I share my contribution with students and further teachers?

Here’s a link that shows you how to share the kit!

Unfluctuating short of a subscription, your students can admittance all the games and quizzes they want. All you have to do is copy and segment the link to the kit you

Gimkit live

This section of Gimkit is designed for interactive quizzes and games you create! Your students can join in and compete against each other or play the entire game as a class.

You can go into Gimkit Live and create Quizzes with personalized multiple-choice for the units you are currently covering. You can custom this puzzle game as a classroom tool or dispense it for homework (great for remote learning!).

Play Live versus Assign Homework?

Play Live is a collection of games, students can access one of the game options and you can set an access list, a set time limit, and expectations and goals.

•        Goals can be to answer questions within a limited time or set a cash goal (individually or as a whole class). The game gives you many options for basic features and feedback.

•        You can start students with money.

•        Set a handicap so they can’t drop below a certain amount.

•        Turn on auto-check so that students can see the correct answer after getting the wrong.

•        Late admission for students who cannot commit earlier.

•        Music and appreciation options.

Play Live is an assortment of games, students can enter one of the game opportunities and you can set up an access list, a set time limit, and expectations and goals.

What other types of games are in a Gimkit Live?

•       Humans vs. Zombies

•       Infinity Mode

•       Boss Battle

•       Super Rich, Hidden, and Drained Mode

•       Trust No One

•       Draw That