How much does it cost to change a flight on Royal Jordanian?

Changing a flight is the only solution when you want to change your reservation due to sudden events. With Royal Jordanian, you can change and cancel your reservation with ease. A bunch of rules will govern the cases when they permit you to change your flight. You can change my RJ ticket date with easy methods provided by the airlines. You can read the article further to learn more about how to change the date on an RJ flight, what cost it applies, and what set of rules will allow you to do so.

What is the Royal Jordanian flight change policy?

The following terms and conditions will help you to change your flight date:

  • Passengers can change their date or any other category in their reservation details free of cost within 24 hours of flight booking.
  • You can change your bookings only if more than a day is left for your trip.
  • They apply a certain amount after 24 hours of booking to change your reservation.
  • Only one change is allowed per reservation. Suppose you change the date of your reservation; no further modification is permitted in that booking.
  • If more than one passenger is present in one booking, the date change of one passenger’s booking will automatically change the trip date of other passengers.

How much does it cost to change your flight to Royal Jordanian?

Within 24 hours, no charges are applied to change your booking. After this period, they will apply 100 to 400$ for each modification. The total amount will depend on your route, cabin, and distance you opt to travel with them.

How to change your flight date on Royal Jordanian?

You can follow the following methods if you want to change your flight date:

Online method:

Please refer to the following steps to change the date on RJ using the online method:

  • Navigate through the website of Royal Jordanian,
  • Look for the Manage booking section.
  • Please login your details with your booking reference and last name.
  • Go to the flight date category.
  • Click on the Modify button. Select the new date from the drop-up calendar and click the Search button.
  • All the available flights on that date will appear in front of you.
  • Select the flight that suits you.
  • Pay for the change charges if applicable on your reservation.
  • You will receive your new ticket after the process is complete.

Offline method:

You can consider the following steps to speak to their agent to change the flight date:

  • Visit the website of Royal Jordanian.
  • Click on the Contact us link.
  • Go to the Call section.
  • Proceed to call them at +962.6. 5100000.
  • Wait for a few minutes and let the IVR process begin.
  • Follow the commands they provide you and press the key when they ask you.
  • Please be patient as soon as an agent comes to speak with you.
  • Speak politely to them as they address your query.

You can change the date or any other section of your reservation. But please remember RJ policies as you make any changes. They will apply to you a certain amount after the grace period, but the amount will be less compared to your airfare.