Enhance Your Space with Antique Large Mirrors: Tips and Ideas

 Antique Large Mirrors

Antique large mirrors are not just functional items; they can also serve as stunning focal points in any space. Whether you have a small apartment or a grand mansion, incorporating antique mirrors into your interior design can add character, elegance, and a touch of vintage charm. In this article, we will explore some tips and ideas on how to enhance your space with antique large mirrors.

1. Choose the Right Size and Shape

The first step in incorporating antique large mirrors into your space is to choose the right size and shape. Consider the dimensions of the wall where you plan to hang the mirror and select a size that complements the space. A large mirror can make a small room appear bigger and brighter, while a smaller mirror can add a touch of sophistication to a larger space.

2. Create a Focal Point

One of the greatest benefits of incorporating antique large mirrors from a authentic online store like Helen Storey Antiques into your space is their ability to create a focal point. Placing a large mirror above a fireplace, for example, can draw attention to this area and make it the centerpiece of the room. Similarly, hanging a mirror on a blank wall can transform it into a striking feature.

3. Use Mirrors to Reflect Light

Mirrors are well-known for their ability to reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space. This makes them an excellent addition to rooms with limited natural light or small dimensions. By strategically placing antique large mirrors across from windows or light sources, you can maximize the amount of light in the room and create a brighter, more open atmosphere.

4. Consider Placement and Proportion

When incorporating antique large mirrors into your space, it is crucial to consider their placement and proportion. Hanging a mirror too high or too low can disrupt the balance of the room and make it appear awkward. As a general rule, the center of the mirror should be positioned at eye level for optimal functionality and aesthetics.

5. Mix and Match with Modern Elements

While antique mirrors are often associated with traditional or vintage decor, they can also be used to add contrast and create a unique design aesthetic when paired with modern elements. Consider incorporating an antique mirror into a contemporary space to add a touch of nostalgia and create an interesting visual juxtaposition.


Antique large mirrors are versatile design elements that can enhance any space. By choosing the right size and shape, creating a focal point, using mirrors to reflect light, considering placement and proportion, and mixing and matching with modern elements, you can incorporate antique mirrors into your interior design in a way that adds character, elegance, and charm to your space.