Cell Phone Monitoring to Catch a Harasser Inside Corporate

Secret video recorders are installed in different places where there is a chance of crime. People do crimes in secret places so that nobody can see and report them. In offices, some of the employees harass other employees in the absence of their supervisor and boss. One cannot stick to the organization and look after all the things single-handedly. So, here Phone Monitoring comes for the rescue. With the amazing services you can see every activity of the employees through their android phones and tablets that are given to them by offices.

Sometimes, a situation happens, and we wish we could record it and use it later to prove ourselves right. Well, this is possible now with the help of spy cameras, but they cannot be installed physically everywhere in the office. Because in this situation, everyone can pretend to be nice. So, these are installed secretly in office-owned android devices.

  • There has been seen an increase of 20% in total harassment cases in the USA at workplaces. So, it is even more important now to monitor your employees online.

Cell Phone Monitoring through spy apps like TheOneSpy secret video recorder app has proven to be the best in this regard. As it records all the acts done by the employees in the office. You can even check their work productivity by getting the recording of them performing different tasks. Let’s study the most important and beneficial features of this app.

Get the Audio and Video Recordings

The words said and things done have no record until recorded. The same is the case in the offices where some people take advantage of the absence of senior staff and try to steal things, annoy other workers, leak important information, violation of rules and regulations of the company and hence less or no work productivity. For this purpose, this amazing secret camera app is here that will record all the audio and video of their tasks. If any of them has used abusive language against the other employee, he or she will be caught on the spot and strict actions will be taken against.

Take Pictures if Required

This outstanding app not only provides information in the form of audio or videos, but you can also take pictures of their vicious acts whenever you want. It has a secret camera by which you can click as many photos as you want without letting them know because it has no sound. So, in case of any suspicious activity, this app allows you to take unlimited photos of your employee’s every move.

Get Alerts Immediately

 In case of any happening or emergency in your office, you will immediately get alerts about it and can handle everything remotely. So, you can reach whenever any misshape takes place and nobody will be able to hide it from you. All these functions by this single amazing live spy360 app feature.

Use the Timer to Start and Stop

This app comes up with a timer and you can start and stop the recording any time you want. What else do you want when you can get all this information when you are even physically not there? So, with cell phone monitoring you can take longer and shorter videos as much as you want.

Capture the Videos in the Background

Capture the videos of all the things in the background while doing your work besides. So, whoever is talking or doing something in the background, will be recorded on the spot.

Track the Location of Your Employee

Besides all the above-mentioned features, if your employee is going out for free time during work hours, then their every activity will be recorded, and they will be held responsible for it. Plus, they cannot lie about their location because you are secretly video recording them and aware of their every move. So, from now onwards, no free time during work hours. This app has made possible so many things for an employer to properly watch his employee.

So, if there is a harasser in your company and you are not aware of it then TheOneSpy secret video recorder app for android will serve the purpose.