All about Coding and Marking Machines

Laser coding machines

Nowadays, every product requires some kind of print to signify various imprints like serial numbers, bar codes, names, and logos. This is an effective technique to differentiate each product from one another. You will find such markings in almost every product that is sold in the market. 

To create these prints certain machines are utilized. These machines come in various options to suffice a company’s requirements. Though, the basic mechanism behind these devices remains the same. They all use different colors that help to create an imprint. This action is either performed by using hot stamps, ink, and laser.

Brands prefer to use a faster method to create such prints on their products. That is why in most factories laser and ink techniques are implemented. As a result of which an entire batch can be processed within a short period. 

Today, we are going to mainly discuss these machines including inkjet coding machines, laser coding machines, and other portable types of printing devices. Using this information, you can decide which equipment to use while performing a given task.

Basic Introduction

The basic technique of marking different items has been practiced for a long time. Earlier, products were labeled manually which took a lot of time to complete. But now things have changed. From labeling, entering codes, and creating new symbols, everything is quickly completed with the help of machines. 


The general functionality of all imprinting devices remains the same but also depends upon the type of components used. Let’s take an example of a machine that works by throwing tiny colored particles on a surface via a nozzle with the help of electricity. This method requires ink cartridges to work. 

On the other hand, some other marking machine would not require any form of liquid to create an imprint. Instead, the machine will use a high-intensity light that creates a disturbance on a particular surface. Due to which a symbol or marking is produced. The data for such an operation has to be fed into the machine beforehand. 

Types Available

Inkjet Coding Machine

This is a basic coding machine that is implemented in the food, beverage, and drug industries. It consists of a print head and color cartridge. Several holes are carved on the print head. The electrically charged ink comes from these holes that create an imprint. The color of the imprint depends upon the selection made by the user.

Laser Coding Machine

It is a permanent marking procedure, where a code is written on the product. This is performed by using a laser beam that is transmitted to the surface. Laser coding machines can utilize a pulse, green, continuous, or UV Laser for marking the given product. Furthermore, it is the fastest way of coding that is used in industries.

Hand Marking Machine

 One of the most effective machines that can be used for small-scale production lines is a hand marking machine. These are not only easy to install but can also produce a perfect print on the product. It also uses laser technology to create a deep and permanent marking on the structure.

Portable Laser Engraver Machine

This is another subcategory of laser machines that can be utilized in industries. They are easy to carry from one place to another and are compatible with many other devices. Additionally, these are mainly implemented for engraving on plastic and metal surfaces.  

Benefits of Using these Machines

  • All the coding and marking machines are fast and reliable to use.
  • They only need a code input that produces exact results every time. 
  • One machine can create marks on multiple products within a short period. 
  • It is the ideal and cheapest solution that is available for marking nowadays.
  • Every product can be identified with its unique code or mark.
  • Creates small yet clean imprints that can be read by every customer without any problem.

Where to Purchase From?

If you want to purchase any of the coding or marking devices then you can do that by visiting an offline or online store. Though, we would suggest you visit an online portal first as it is more convenient and less time-consuming. 

First, you need to open the company’s website. These sites have proper information about each device and the benefits provided to you. Simply browse the categories and select your favorite product. After that, either contact the manufacturer using the given numbers or you can also chat with a support representative online. In addition to that, do check the type and quality of the product that you are purchasing. Devices like Inkjet Coding Machine, Portable Laser Engraver Machine, and Hand Marking machines have unique variants available in shops. So, select carefully and then order the product. One should also check the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer.