6 Tips To Elevate Your Bespoke Exhibition Stand With Lighting

A good lighting system plays an imperative role while designing a bespoke exhibition stands. Therefore, all exhibitors must consider the installation of a different kind of lighting system. There are different kinds of lights that can be installed in your exhibition stand to make it more appealing.

In this post, we will discuss the most commonly used lighting for exhibition stands. Every lighting fixture is designed for a specific purpose. For instance, the exhibition stands designed for displaying your new products must have spotlights and display lights in their exhibition stand.  The spotlights will help in focusing on the products and make it easy for trade show attendees to see the displayed products.

If your custom exhibition stands are uniformly light up, then it becomes to show your creativity. Moreover, in uniformly light up exhibition stand, it becomes difficult to differentiate between different sections in your booth. Therefore, you should understand the importance and use of different types of lighting fixtures and use them efficiently in your booth.

Here, we will discuss different types of lighting fixtures for your exhibition stand: 

1. Spotlights Fixtures

The spotlights are lightweight and small in size. These lighting fixtures are similar to those that you have seen in live events. The spotlights are compact in size and can be easily integrated with your trade booth. The spotlight has high luminous density but they are designed to light up only specific regions in your exhibition stand.

You can use these lights to highlight the banner, product shelves, brand logo, etc. The spotlights are perfect lighting fixtures to light up the main section in your bespoke exhibition stand design. The spotlights are compact in size and they can be easily adjusted anywhere in your trade booth.

2. Display Lighting Fixtures

The display lighting fixtures are used to light up graphics of trade booths. The display lights consume less energy, therefore, they reduce utility expenditure.

They are durable and can offer a high intensity of illumination just like spotlights. The display lighting fixtures are available in different colors. Thus, they are very helpful in setting up a welcoming ambiance.

3. Banner Lighting System

The banner lights are installed behind the banners or graphic display. These lighting fixtures provide offer alluring inner glow. In the banner lighting fixtures, the LED bulbs are used because these are small in size. You can easily conceal LED bulbs in LED lighting fixtures.

The LED bulbs are perfect if your main objective of participation in the exhibition is brand awareness. The banner lights can effectively amplify your branding banner. The banner lighting fixtures make sure that your banners can be easily noticed from a distance location.

These eye-catching branding efforts will help your exhibition stand to get more benefits. These lights help your booth to stand out among competitors. You can take the help of the custom stand builders to light up your bespoke exhibition stand.

4. Backlight System

The idea of backlighting is old but when it is effectively used, then your exhibition stand can attract the attention of trade show visitors. The backlights are commonly used in signage, billboards and outdoor promotion system.

Nowadays, it is also used in the exhibition stand to get more potential customers at your booth.  The backlights are budget-friendly and highly efficient as well. The backlight fixtures increase 40% visibility of your brand message.

Also, it helps in grabbing attention from a distant location. The backlight system leaves a huge impact on your targeted customers and the can perfectly blend with the ambient lighting system in the show.

The backlight fixtures also help in removing unnecessary shadows. Thus, you will have a bright and attractive exhibition stand. The backlight also improves the texture of your trade booth graphic display.

5. Rope Light Fixtures

The rope lighting is usually ignored by most exhibitors. But, it is an important one to make your trade booth attractive and unique. In rope lighting fixtures, the small size LED bulbs are integrated inside the plastic tube. The plastic tube protects the LED bulbs from unwanted damage.

The rope lights are easily available in different colors and lengths as well. You can easily place them behind the products and you do not need to worry about the fire hazards. The rope lights are good to create a backdrop in your trade booth.

6. LED Strip Lighting System

The LED strip lights are similar to the rope lighting system. The LEd strip lights are also available in different colors and lights as well. The LED strip lights are comprised of a flexible circuit board in which LEDs are integrated.

The LED strip lights can e easily installed anywhere without any hassle. So, these are highly flexible and can be installed in the dark section fo your exhibition stand. The LED lights come with varying luminosity so that you can adjust it as per the requirement.