10 Most Beautiful Places in the UK

The United Kingdom, a European country most commonly known as Great Britain, is an island country that comprises England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island. It homes London. Most of the top tourist destinations are there in the UK. Its most famous cultural claims are sports and literature. It is the country that has invented various sports activities like cricket, golf, rugby, boxing, etc. It is also very famous in terms of literature. Most eminent writers like William Shakespeare are from the UK. It is also homes to a globally influential financial and cultural center, The Beatles. 

It is a dream destination for a lot of people around the world for its grandeur and beauty. The countryside places are the most famous place in the country. It is very famously known for its rich heritage and culture. UK’s cultural heritage and diverse scenery make it a place of attraction for many people. The temperate oceanic climate, with its cool and cloudy weather, attracts a lot of people every year. 

If you are planning for a visit to the UK, then here is a list of places given in the content you can refer to know about the best places in UK to visit. 

Places you can visit in the UK. 

The various places you can choose to visit in the UK are as follows: 

1. London

The sprawling capital of England, London, is the largest city. For those interested in visiting the UK but falling short of time, you can visit London to compensate as it has all the needful to be done. The must-do things in London are, you should visit the Tower Of London. Located beside the famous river, River Thames is a beautiful place that displays various weapons and armor. The next place to visit is Buckingham palace. It has existed since the time of the Royal Queen, Queen Victoria. The different other places are Natural History Museum, Trafalgar Square, etc. 

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2. Edinburgh 

One of the most attractive places in Scotland is the one from the list of most visited places. Famous for many historic buildings and diverse scenery, Edinburgh homes many castles worth watching. The various places that you can visit in Edinburgh are the Royal Palace, famous for Scottish crown jewels, the Scottish National War Memorial, the stone of Destiny, the Royal mile, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, etc. 

3. Bath 

A city on the valley of River Avon is a UNESCO world heritage center for the hot springs. The three famous hot springs are known for the multiple minerals that they contain. It is known for the Georgian architecture of the city, which adds to its beauty. It is a historic Georgian and Roman spa city. The list of various places you can visit is as follows, the Royal Cresent, thee Walcot Street, the Parade garden, the Jane Austen center, etc. 

4. Stonehenge

One of the oldest living heritage cities is Stonehenge. The list of places you can choose to visit on the site is the Magna Carta, Windsor castle, Pub lunch in Lacock, etc. You can witness the archaeological marvel if you visit the city. You can also visit the nearby medieval town of Salisbury. It is one of the most enigmatic tourist destinations. 

5. Manchester 

A major city in the Northwest of England is rich in its industrial heritage. It is a city that has everything for everyone. There’s a variety of culture that provides warmth to its visitors. The various places that you can visit in manchester are the Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester Museum, Whitworth and Lowry, Museum of Science and Industry, Museum of Transport in Cheetham Hill, Etihad Stadium, National Football Museum, etc. 

6. Windsor

The historical royal town of Windsor resides along River Thames. The very famous Windsor castle is the residence of the Royal British family. The various attractions of Windsor are Windsor castle, St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Great park, Royal Windsor Theatre, Legoland, Dorney court, Eton College, etc. Windsor is famous for its bars, eateries, etc. 

7. Glasgow 

Glasgow is a city that has fascinating facts to be known. Because of its outstanding architecture, various museums, and galleries, it is a very popular place known for its outdoor attraction and historical remarks. The multiple destinations that you must visit in this place are Kelvingrove Art gallery and Museum, Riverside Museum, Celtic park, Necropolis, etc. 

Bottom Line- The various places you can visit in the UK are listed above. If you wish to get more ideas, you can see the tourism pages and learn about them.  Now if you have made your mind to plan your upcoming holidays in UK you must book your flight with Qatar Airways. To know more you must contact Qatar Airways customer service.