What are the probation laws in Colorado and what types of crimes get you probation?

Are you seeking parole or probation in Colorado? Then it is crucial that you get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer Colorado who can arrange the probation for you as soon as possible. Probation works like “alternative sentencing” wherein the probationers give their consent to fulfill manylegal terms in exchange of which they obligea reduced jail sentence or do not go to jail at all.

Most of the criminal suspects are actually entitled to receive an alternate sentence. There can be certain instances where courts may choose to dismiss the “probation” early. If the judge selects to go for lateruling, a defendant’s charge can get terminated wholly or reduced once the case filed comes to its final closure. Probation laws can cover a wide range of cases in Colorado, starting from critical delinquencies to even felonies.

Obtaining probation

There are various types of crimes that allow the suspect or “defendant” to get parole. However, it is not always up to the judge whether a person is going to get probation or not. People who are found guilty of violent crimes, of Class 1 felony charges and those who have two or more previous felony charges are generally not able to get probation. The judge is going to consider previous history, general nature of a crime as well as several other factors prior to deciding whether the defendant may be able to get probation or not.

Some of the instances where there is a high chance to get parole are listed below.

  • Suspended sentence;
  • Electronic monitoring;
  • Staying in house arrest;
  • Random drug testing;
  • Staying away from drugs and liquor;
  • No further instances of criminal activities;
  • Being compliant with some protective order;
  • Payments made for victim restitution;
  • No ownershipof guns and firearms;
  • Reporting regularly with theassigned PO or probation officer;
  • Making of paymentsfor any court-ordered charges and of management costs
  • Going for counseling sessions like anger management classes and substance abuse sessions

Various factors that may lead to probation

Once you aim to seek parole for the legal hassles you are in, you will be asked to live your day to day life following some strict guidelines or rules. Such rules may vary from one person to another and can depend on the circumstances of the case that you are in. You may need to pay the court fees and need to hold on a job.

If you have been facing jail time due to a drug offence, you may need to completely refrain from drugs and also attend a drug rehabilitation program. There will also be a supervisor who will make sure that you are properly following the rules so that he or she can decide whether you deserve the probation or not. You can also ask your lawyer about further guidance on probation.  

Consulting a professional legal expert can make a great difference Whether the defendant needs to serve jail time or gets probation is going to be decided by the court. However, the defendant has a better chance of getting probation if he or she is represented by a professional lawyer who has been handling such cases for a long time. For this reason, you should get in touch with a Denver criminal defense attorney capable of providing you with the best representation. A skilled attorney who has been handling such cases can help you to go through the process so that you as a defendant learn everything you must know. The lawyer you choose can make a major difference when you are looking to have probation.