What are the most important Website audit checklists?

A website audit is a method involved with evaluating each component of a site that influences the site’s performance and permeability on web search tools’ algorithms. As per the Website designing company in Noida, a website audit is to check whether the site is streamlined to fit the most current Google rule.

Website audit administrations assist with recognizing the issues that should be fixed or enhanced on the site, prompting a superior advanced site that will permit the site to attract more traffic and rank better on SERPs. This interaction has finished marketing purposes which are to carry more clients and to contend with the contenders, however it helps the actual site also. The Website designing company in India follows the website audit process to investigate each page on the site. It assists you with recognizing the messed-up pages and checking the site stacking speed as well.

Presently, you might imagine that site review actually doesn’t sound significant or fundamental by any stretch of the imagination, since you can simply do everything right from the start so you would not require a site review. Nonetheless, web search tools, particularly Google, make changes to their calculation and rules constantly. Which is the justification for why we want to review the site consistently to ensure that the site actually fits the inclinations of the search engine. 

Fundamental website audit agendas followed by Website development company in Noida

Title tags

The title tags should be special with practically no composing and spelling botches. It should be in the right length which is prescribed to be between 55-60 characters. What’s more, remember to remember the keywords for the starting piece of the title. Brand or organization names ought to be remembered for the title too.

Meta Description tags

The meta depiction ought to be 155-160 characters in length. It ought to contain the keywords without stuffing and be descriptive about the substance of the site.


Website development company in Noida professionals do Checking for copy meta descriptions, title, and keywords. There ought not to be pages with equivalent meta descriptions or titles.


The URLs should comprise words, not boundaries or meeting IDs. They ought to contain the keywords just as being not difficult to peruse and recall.

Directory structure

Ensure that the site is coordinated well and assist the clients with understanding which page and where they are on the site from the URLs.

Breadcrumb lists

Ensure that your website navigates the clients well so they can head out to each piece of the site without any problem.

XML sitemap

Remember to present the sitemap to Google’s Webmaster Tools so that Google’s bot can peruse and get to know your site. Assuming you have any pages that you don’t need Google to slither, fit them with the robot.txt documents.


Verify whether you have 301redirect set up appropriately to divert the guests who visit your old location to your new addresses.


Being a leading Website designing company in Noida, we ensure that each page can stack accurately. You don’t need any ‘access denied’ nor ‘page not found pages.


The keywords utilized for each page ought to be well-known keywords. The site should cover every one of the fundamental keywords about your specialty. Pick the keywords that more individuals are looking over the least looked for ones.