What are Maternity Gym Tights and why do you need them

Wearing the right clothes during pregnancy might be the predominant thought on an expectant mum’s mind. After all your clothes do not just complement your personality, they are also a form of providing yourself with the comfort and support required during pregnancy.

As your body grows, you need to stop relying on your old clothes and buy new ones to suit your requirements. Especially when exercising, you need clothes that support your back, pelvic muscles, and the growing belly. And when we talk about support during exercise, we need to talk about maternity gym tights.

What are maternity gym tights?

Maternity gym tights are leggings that are specially designed to support your lower back, pelvic region and adjoining muscles and ligaments during exercise. They come in a wide range of fabric options, sizes, and styles to ease the pain and stress on your lower back.

They can be under the belly elastic waist style or the full belly support. You need to choose one according to your comfort need and pregnancy stage. The material of these leggings is casual enough for wearing indoors and some women also find them formal enough to wear to work or even weddings!

Why do you need them?

Maternity leggings, as they are often referred to, are the trending piece of every new mum’s wardrobe.

The three reasons that draw expecting mothers to this compression wear are:

· Comfort

These leggings are incredibly comfortable and mould perfectly with your pregnant figure. You can relax in them as comfortably as you want. Many women find them comfortable enough to sleep wearing them.

· Style and support

They are super effective in raising your style quotient along with supporting you by reducing your SI joint pain and pelvic girdle pain.

· Multipurpose

Maternity gym tights can be worn anywhere and everywhere depending on your comfort. They are perfect for wearing indoors, doing yoga, general exercise, or even weddings.

How to wear maternity legging?

There is a multitude of options to pair your maternity leggings with. As we know that they can be worn at any occasion depending on your comfort, you can select the matching top based on the occasion. Here are a few pairing tips for pregnancy leggings:

· Gym look

Maternity gym tights can be paired with loose-fitting tunic t-shirt and supportive sneakers for exercise or yoga. You may also add up a zip-zap sweatshirt to complete the profile. These leggings help make your physical exercise more comfortable compared to wearing normal leggings during pregnancy.

· Flattering fit

If you want to achieve a flattering fit for any occasion, you can pair the maternity leggings with a tunic. The hemline of your tunic may fall right above your knees or mid-thigh. Leggings paired with a tunic never goes out of style.

· Streamlined look while exposing your bump

If you are not that keen on hiding your baby bump, you can also pair the leggings with a baggy tunic. It gives you a more streamlined look along with exposing your growing bump.

· Work look

When planning to go to work wearing your maternity leggings, you can wear them under your skirt or dress. It provides you with a formal look along with lots of coverage, support, and comfort.

Are maternity leggings safe?

The medical concerns surrounding the use of compression garments during pregnancy has been a topic of debate for experts over the last few years. Some believe they are meant to revolutionise the pregnancy experience for women, but some others are not that accepting or positive towards their use. But according to the latest researches and studies, it has been found that maternity leggings and shorts are more effective and reliable than other compression garments.

The use of maternity belts, maternity underwear, etc. still remains under the purview of medical professionals. Using maternity leggings has proved to be safe and beneficial for many pregnant women.

How to select a maternity gym legging?

Selecting the right size of maternity gym tights is the most important task you will ever undertake. Your tights need not be as tight to squeeze your nerves or as loose to fall down while you exercise. The best size maternity gym tights for you will feel just right and support your muscles throughout your exercise.

To select the right size, you must pay attention to your body measurements. Of course, your weight and measurement change a great deal during pregnancy. So, you need to keep in mind that factor when selecting the right option for you. Pre-pregnancy tights are not recommended at this stage.

Pregnancy compression tights are designed to accommodate your bump and expand while you grow. Using your hip measurement will be advisable over your waist measurement. If you are unsure or between sizes, you may want to size up.

Final thoughts

You may also ask your doctor about selecting the best maternity gym tights for you. They will be able to guide you better and as per your pregnancy requirements. Every pregnancy is different and may need special care. Wearing the wrong size of clothes can harm your health.

Hence, we recommend you make sure you discuss it with your doctor before selecting any maternity wear.