Types and Applications of CBD

With many varieties and types of CBD coming into the market, it has started to get more complicated to figure out which products to purchase and which one will help the best.

How to Choose the Right CBD for You

There are two kinds of CBD products, namely CBD isolate products and full-spectrum CBD. CBD isolate products only contain the CBD molecule, while on the other hand, full-spectrum CBD contains the CBD molecule in combination with other cannabinoids like THC and terpenes. Some patients choose CBD to isolate because they want to avoid the use of THC in their medication. Other patients who want the effect of the CBD to be quicker and higher prefer to take the CBD infused with small amounts of THC and terpenes called whole-plant CBD or full-spectrum CBD.

In those places that allow people to choose the plant source of their CBD, scientists and experts have said that the benefits of whole-plant products have been proven more effective and should be considered the preferred choice of medication. Some doctors have found a way to treat their patients with small amounts of both varieties. Science has also proven that some medical conditions can only improve or be treated with THC, and thus, the entourage effect of full-spectrum CBD is bound to help in such cases.

Hemp-derived VS Marijuana-derived CBD

There are two sources for CBD; one is derived from the hemp cannabis plant, while the other is derived from the marijuana cannabis plant. The plants vary in appearance – the hemp plant is scarce in foliage and skinny, while the marijuana plant is lush in foliage, thick, and has flowers. They can also be differentiated by testing for their levels of THC. Having said this, the CBD in both the marijuana and the hemp-derived CBD oil is the same when it comes to its molecular structure.

The main factors aside from appearance that help differentiate between marijuana and hemp-derived CBD oil are its resin and contamination levels. Resin is found majorly in the buds or the trichomes of the cannabis plant, with some of it found on the leaves. There are more significant amounts of resin found in the marijuana plant as compared to the hemp plant. This implies that a larger quantity of hemp must make the same amount of hemp oil CBD than the marijuana-derived CBD oil. The where and how of the CBD source determines the level of contamination of the marijuana or hemp oil CBD. To avoid this, it is better to choose a product that a third party has tested for chemical pesticides and other contamination.

Applications of CBD

CBD is available in a large variety in the market and can be used in several different ways. For inflammations and skin irritations or eczema, the most used variety for maximum effectiveness is a topical application variety of CBD, whether CBD infused cream, lotion, or gel. There are also several beauty products and cosmetics that utilize the benefits of CBD. While the oils are relaxing CBD or soothe the body, refreshing body washes help revitalize and hydrate the skin and body.

Although some CBD lotions are used for dry or patchy skin, others are used as muscle balms or relax CBD.CBD oils that are taken orally either by adding to water or taking the oil capsules help with many medical conditions, including epilepsy, anxiety disorders, or even insomnia. CBD also comes in an edible variety, such as in cookies or brownies, to make the intake process more enjoyable.

CBD Oil vs. Hempseed Oil

Both CBD oil and hemp seed oil have been used widely, especially in the beauty and cosmetics industry, for different purposes. While hemp seed oil has been around for the past many decades, CBD is a more recent addition to this industry due to its more recent legalization. But due to their many similarities and same species name, they often tend to get confused for each other, and that confusion has been used to many manufacturers’ advantage.

Hempseed oil is known for its properties to reduce inflammation and not clog up pores while making the skin feel moisturized and supple. CBD oil doesn’t have too much research done on it yet to prove all of its benefits but has become famous for its healing properties regarding acne, rashes, sensitive skin, and even psoriasis in some cases. The place where marketing can trick customers is in the price. CBD oil is quite expensive compared to hemp oil, and since their sources are essentially the same, many add hemp seed oil to the product but sell it as a CBD oil product so that they can get more for something that, in actuality, costs less. Thus, customers need to be careful to check the ingredients before making a purchase.