Top Chemical Engineering Colleges in India You Need To Know About

Chemical Engineering is a profession that deals with the chemical formulation, production, transformation, and transportation of materials. The profession is connected with various technological areas itself and requires a large measure of discipline and training. Keeping this in mind, you must pursue Chemical Engineering from top Chemical Engineering colleges in India. However, the course deals with the subject Chemistry in relation to other subjects like Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Economics, etc. bringing all realms of science together.

This course is one of the highest-paid professional courses and garners high respect and generates excellent prospects, one of the industries being the pharmaceuticals. Due to its importance in the engineering field, it is also vital that where one studies the course from, it is a reputed institute. And sometimes, finding good Chemical Engineering colleges in India might get challenging, let alone finding Chemical Engineering colleges in Ghaziabad.

Top Chemical Engineering Colleges in the country.

Here are some of the top Chemical Engineering colleges that might help you narrow down the options quickly.

  • IIMT – International Institute of Management and Technical Studies, Ghaziabad.

A list of best Chemical Engineering colleges in Ghaziabad would come down to this one, being the best in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This institute is a reputed one in the country, and students from around the country go there to get their diplomas in Chemical Engineering. The college offers a joint certification by IIMT Studies and the City of Oxford College, UK, and a specially designed Industry-oriented Program for working professionals. 

The college is considered one of the top Chemical Engineering colleges in India and has over 300 corporate alliances with national and multinational companies that make this institute stand out in the corporate world.

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

IIT Bombay, much known for its ability to bring top-notch facilities for its students, is also one of the top colleges of Chemical engineering, not just in the country but also in the world. Its collaborations with eminent institutions around the world, makes it highly reputed. Considered as one of the top Chemical Engineering colleges, it offers students with some wonderful placement opportunities, best student experience with the highly experienced faculty, and one of the best research programs in India. 

  • DR. KN Modi University.

This university in Jaipur is one of the most reputed and respected colleges for Chemical Engineering. Run by the infamous KN Modi foundation, this university offers an incredible infrastructure that enables students with the best college experiences. This institute presents students with a team of well-trained and experienced faculty who can make a huge difference in the quality of education students receive. The syllabus itself is designed in a way that it looks into the practical and industrial needs of the future and offers state of the art facilities.

  • Vellore Institute of Technology.

This Vellore-based university has a highly trained faculty who is specialized for research. Spread across a magnificent campus of almost 640 acres, this college is one of the top colleges of Chemical Engineering and a dream college for all aspiring engineering students. This institute provides students with internships and exposure to opportunities that shape their future well. The library, infrastructure, and faculty help the students excel in their education and guide towards building a future in the field of Chemical Engineering.

These are few very well known, reputed and promising colleges for Chemical Engineering in the country that will never disappoint any student who gets into the course. These institutes have made great engineers and continue to do so with their expertise and quality of education they provide.