Tire Training from a well-trained fitness trainer

The tire is one of the most useful pieces of equipment in the list of fitness kits, that can help you to build strength, boost agility, and endurance while getting a change of pace from regular workout equipment.

Exercising with tires can be easily done indoors or out, but undoubtedly it will be a noisy endeavor inside. So if you are having a garden near your home or apartment then doing tire exercise under personal fitness trainers could give you a fruitful result to get the right shape of your body. But while buying it always give preference to nearby tire stores or body shops, rummage sales, or scrap yards.  

There is a big list of the size of tires, so it all depends on how big one you are looking for. Whether you buy a new one or recycle it, you should check it carefully to see if it is good to go or not. If we talk about price, then opting for used tires will obviously be less in price obviously, but how can we forget about the cleaning. To clean up your tire look for nearby commercial tire cleaners and use lots of elbow grease.

Here we come with the most important thing, which is when we use these tires for exercise purposes. At that time there shouldn’t be a hubcap or inner tube. Having clearance in the hole permits lots of different but effective movements.

How heavy are they?

Industrial truck tires ranges are quite high and if we talk about big tires then the amount could be greater than small sized. As long as the tire is sturdy & can hold plenty of weight without collapsing or caving in, there are so many exercises that you can try. Hiring a fitness trainer at home in Noida can givemost tired workouts more advanced, although there are a few low-impact movements too.

Tire Training Exercises

Tire Flipping

Tire flipping is undoubtedly a power move that is vastly used to compound muscle groups.

  • Start with the tire on its side resting on the ground.
  • Rise up to standing, squat to get a firm grip, and push through the flip to engage the upper and lower body. Glutes, lats, traps, hamstrings, and biceps are some muscles recruited for flipping tires.
  • The number of times the tire must be flipped depends on the weight of the tire, the size of your client, and their strength level. Start small but steady and build up as strength increases.


Jump in the tire and back out.

Planks and Pushups

Planks and pushups is another exercise you can do with the use of tires. To do this exercise you can take the help of a personal fitness trainer at home or simply put your hands on the tire with toes on the ground or hands on the ground and toes on the tire.

Sledgehammer Slams

Work the upper body & core with sledgehammer slams on the tire. Proper technique is important whether you’re standing or kneeling. This is the finest way to burn off steam too!


Line up or stagger small size car tires for agility training and speed drills. Have clients and fitness trainers run through the center of the tires for time.