The Ultimate Guide to Holographic Hot Stamping Foil

If you own a credit or debit card, chances are, you’ve seen a hot stamping foil already. Used for security purposes, these foils are for sticking company logos or symbols that cannot easily be replicated. 

Holographic hot stamping foil or HSF is a foil that has been permanently stamped to mark an object with a symbol or sticker. Usually used to mark plastic parts with a metal piece, these foils are designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear and extremely harsh conditions. Hence, they are really difficult to replicate, making them a perfect fit for objects like credit cards or legal documents. 

HSF is one of the most economic ways to ensure that your brand recognition stays intact and also helps reduce the amount of wastage produced to usually do this. It is also a method that is compatible with a variety of materials which makes it preferable to others. 

Variants of Hot Stamping Foil 

There are three ways to foil the symbol on to the required surface. Classified based on the kind of pattern used to embed it, the three types are: 

  • Unregistered or Running Pattern 
  • Registered Pattern with Run Marks 
  • Registered Pattern with Scan Marks on Both Sides 

Leading HSF manufacturers like Holostik offer all three types of variants and also ensure that it falls under the required budget. 

Applications of Holographic Hot Stamping Foil 

HSF is often chosen for government, legal documents, and identification cards due to its resilience and because it is extremely difficult to mimic the material or what is on it- hence protecting government logos and brand identity. It is hence used for several purposes including:

  • Government Ids: Passports, Licenses and other government identification cards or documents like Aadhar and PAN cards often carry HSF. 
  • Documents and Certifications: HSF can also be found on legal and financial documents like insurance policies and such.  
  • Education: Educational documents like authorized certificates or anything that requires the school’s symbol and signature of authorized personnel prefer to use Holographic foil.    
  • Apparel and Fashion: Due to its ability to withstand harsh conditions, HSF is used to brand apparel and fashionwear like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and more.  
  • Lottery 
  • Banking: All documents from financial institutions that need the bank’s seal also use HSF for security purposes. 
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: To protect unlicensed or unauthorized personnel from selling medicines and drugs, pharmaceutical companies use HSF to trademark their products. 
  • Packaging: All industries use HSF to trademark their products in packaging to avoid additional costs.  
  • Electronic: Electronics also often carry HSFs of their manufacturer’s logo or name. 
  • Automotive and Furniture
  • Personal Care: Beauty and cosmetic products also use holograms to showcase its brand identity in a visually appealing way.  

Why You Should Choose Holostik for your HSF needs 

Holostick, one of the largest hot stamping foil manufacturers, not only promises high-quality products that are customized for your needs but ensure that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to the HSF variants offered by the company. Having served clients from over fourteen different industries, Holostick is a brand trusted by many and an excellent choice for any company.