Reinforced Earth Wall: Important Points to be considered while designing a reinforced soil wall

A para web reinforced soil wall is constructed and designed to resist the lateral pressure of the earth soil. It also supports the soil laterally so that it can be kept up at different levels on both sides of the wall. The reason behind the lateral pressure is possibly due to liquid pressure, earth filling, sand, & granular materials. Often in sectors of terrain possessing undesirable slopes, the reinforced walls are utilized to bound soils between 2 different elevations. These soil walls are an economical method to meet every day earth retention requirements for highway bridge grade and separations, railroads & mass transit systems. They are also utilized in response to tough design conditions like very high structures, and restricted space, these are those spaces from where obstructions within the soil mass are present. 

So while designing the reinforced earth wall there are some points that you must consider, have a look at those considerations…

Assess External/ Internal stability

To check external stability check the stability of sliding, overturning, bearing/tilt & slip by considering the effects of forces acting on the structure and dead loads, and other loads. To check internal stability assess tension as well as pull-out failures such as shear within the arrangement, structure, and behavior of the backfill and reinforcement. Also, examine the stability of every single reinforcement layer and stability of wedges.

Earth soil

A chosen backfill should meet the minimum requirement for both electrochemical and mechanical parameters so that the needed service life of the structure gets resistant to the flow of stray current. 

Soil Reinforcement

As per the selected backfill & the structure’s service life, different kinds of reinforcements can be utilized in an effort to meet the specification needed in the project. 


The service life must be considered for the facing selection of the structures, you are required to consider whether it will be temporary or permanent.

These aspects require to be considered when choosing a reinforced system wall, or para web re in wall for your projects.

A glance at the Pros of Reinforced Soil Wall

The geosys wall system and reinforced soil wall not merely protect your landscaping in fact it also contributes to the value of aesthetics. Its benefits include:

  • Holds the soil together for better functioning
  • Compatible with a variety of decorative facing systems
  • Resists Gravity Load
  • Withstand the backfill or grounds, other externally exerted loads transmit
  • To protect the structure, counteract the forces of gravity
  • sloping landscapes’ stabilization is also done
  • It provides the level surfaces on slopes
  • stability is provided under large and unforeseen deformations like differential settlements and subsidence
  • Prevents erosion as well as reduces maintenance
  • Holds back the earth and maintains a difference in the height of the ground surface
  • Can be utilized with a wide range of fill materials
  • Very effective in flood control
  • Near no and low maintenance
  • Inextensible soil reinforcements and bolted connections were quickly installed