PVC coated polyester fabric manufacturers in India: A brief note

Being local and import-free, PVC-painted polyester fabric has become the preferred fabric for manufacturing industries. There are dozens of companies engaged in producing PVC apparel in India, for expanding sales numbers and increasing profit margins, companies are not only diversifying products offered but also planning to venture into other segments like children’s apparel, and fragrance. Increasing the product line will also allow companies to diversify their marketing strategies as well.

The manufacture of PVC fabrics has received a boost since the Covid-19 epidemic resulted in the closure of air travel in 2018. Thus, polyester manufacturers in India have been forced to seek local markets which will allow sales to continue as tourists begin flying back to India in the last year. The sudden rise in the wear of PVC fabric would create job opportunities.

The issue of polyester fabric in India and polyamide fabrics

Polyester fabric has been around for more than four hundred years. Many countries have a reputation for producing PVC fabric because of its outstanding properties such as waterproofing, ability to resist stains, and moisture resistance. Polyester fabric has even been known to be waterproof, but its effect on the environment has attracted many manufacturers to impose standards on the harvesting of PVC.

So, much of the foam that is produced by PVC fabric comes from these huge foam producers. Even though PVC fabric has many advantages in regards to nature preservation, due to the massive increase in PVC manufacturers in India, plastic manufacturers would not be willing to use PVC that has a high chance of biodegrading and eventually returning to the environment.

Due to the hardness of PVC, it goes a long way in making it waterproof, which is the primary capability of most mattresses. The sale of PVC fabrics has increased dramatically as PVC clothes were invented during the early 90s.

“PVC fabrics are available in a variety of styles that complement spas and tourist sites. The apparel offers an ideal blend of comfort, freshness, and breathability. Plugs should be applied with polyester fabric to prolong the lifespan of clothing”.

PVC coated polyester manufacturing in India: Before and after the pandemic

After the pandemic, the domestic demand for PVC clothes drastically reduced. Consumers lacked confidence in buying products made of plastic materials. A good number of PVC clothing companies considered switching to organic products to increase sales as a sign of rebranding.

Before the pandemic, around 4,000 PVC-coated polyester manufacturing factories in India had opened India. With the reported interest from global designers to host clothing shows in India, many PVC companies are expected to open more factories.

The biggest problem is that there is a dearth of skilled raw material technicians, and producers. India is a highly promising alternative market for PVC clothing and polyester fabric manufacturers owing to its huge potential.

Due to the pandemic and absence of business travel from the globe, both PVC coated polyester manufacturing in India and local textile mills were unable to fulfill their orders on time. Due to the restriction of PPE, they tried to diversify products to meet the demand of customers. So, companies are continuously finding their way into different segments which are expected to increase the revenue received by PVC businesses.