Most Affordable And Reliable Hajj Packages USA 2020

This year hajj is going to be the biggest hajj of Islamic history due to which the demand for Hajj packages USA has increased from now. The expected total number of Muslim pilgrims from all over the world is more than 3 million. Because of the last few years, the number of Muslim pilgrims for hajj is continuously increasing. Over 20000 pilgrims from the USA performed hajj in 2019 and the expected increase in this number can be considered for 2020 hajj.

So if you are also going to perform hajj this year & want to include yourself in these 20000 lucky pilgrims. Then congrats to you and it is also advised to you that, you need to acquire the services of reliable hajj agents. You cannot perform hajj yourselves without having a hajj package. Because you don’t have so many things that the travel & tour agents provide to their clients. You need your U.S Visa, Air Tickets, green card, Saudi Visa, wristband for hajj and so on. All of these things you get through your travel agents that make your hajj possible and easier. You cannot expect to perform hajj without having such basic items or documents.

Moreover, there are so many other things that make hajj packages important and useful. You don’t need to worry about anything whether you are going to perform hajj for the first time or have performed before. Because you will get the proper assistance from your agents both in the USA airport and in Saudi Arabia too.

What is Hajj & why do I Need a hajj package?

Hajj is the largest & the holiest pilgrimage of Islam which is performed in Mecca on 10th Zil-hajj. Hajj is performed in Mecca which is the holiest city of Islam where Prophet Mohammad PBUH has spent 13 years after the revelation of the Qur’an. Islam has five pillars Namaz, Roza, Jahad, hajj, & Zakat. Hajj is one of these five pillars of Islam which is compulsory for each capable Muslim who can afford the expenses of the hajj tour. If you are capable of performing hajj then you may ask a professional Hajj & Umrah travel agency to provide you the hajj packages in the USA.

A Hajj package is very much helpful for you that makes your hajj so easier and comfortable. You get everything done already for you that you need during your hajj tour. Whether it is your Visa, air-tickets, transportation, accommodation, or something else. The agencies provide these facilities to their clients to enable their Muslim fellows to perform hajj without worries and distractions.

What do I get in a hajj package?

  • Comfortable & suitable accommodation
  • Ziarat in Mecca & Medina
  • Thorough Transportation facility
  • Reliable & secure tour service
  • Peace of mind & comfort while performing hajj
  • Booking of air-tickets
  • Saudi Visa
  • Five start meal

These are the basic facilities and services that you will enjoy in your hajj tour through a hajj package. There are different types of hajj packages in which all or some of the above-mentioned things are included. In the case your budget is limited or low then you can buy a hajj package that is suitable for your budget. In this way, you will find everything affordable and in economy class. However, if you want to make your hajj tour luxurious and more special then you may have to pay higher charges of luxury hajj packages in the USA. All types of Muslims perform hajj therefore the hajj travel & tour agencies offer different types of hajj packages with different charges.

If you want to make your hajj experience better and memorable. A hajj package through a professional and reliable agency is the best option for you.