How To Identify Whether Your Car Has Factory Fitted Car Immobiliser?

When you have a fully insured car immobiliser installed in your car, it will significantly reduce the probability of your car getting stolen. 

When getting car insurance, the company will inquire if you have a factory-fitted immobiliser or not. The reason for asking this is not that they are curious. But because they usually offer a discount to those who have it. It is because those cars that have them possess ultimate protection against the thieves.

Apart from them receiving great car insurance discounts, many of us do not realise what an immobiliser is or the way to find out if our vehicles have one equipped.

By knowing the ways of finding out whether or not our cars have a fitted immobiliser, we could probably save a lot of money on our car insurance coverage rates. Therefore, if we do have an immobiliser equipped, it is essential for all of us that we know how to get the details.

Below, we will provide an explanation of why you need to know about vehicle immobilisers. And show you the way to work out if your car has a manufactured fitted immobiliser.

How Does It Work The Immobiliser Work?

An immobiliser is basically a digital security system which prevents the car from starting if the incorrect key is used.

Details of exactly how car immobilisers work are not known to most of the people. It is a way to deter the car thieves turning smart to the complex mechanisms installed to keep the cars secure.

Initially, at a basic level, there is a rough understanding of the way car immobilisers operate. A car has distinctive components that need to be activated so that you can get moving. The components include, in particular the ignition, the gas system and the starter motor.

When we insert the key in the ignition, a code is sent from it to the vehicle installed electronic control unit. If the code suits, everything is okay, and the vehicle will turn on.

But, if the wrong key is inserted by a thief, the immobiliser will realise it and disable two of the 3 main components, and the automobile will not turn on.

What about keyless cars protection? 

The keyless system on several keyless vehicles can be disabled for security reasons. However, you can also spend money on an autowatch ghost immobiliser. It is a costly option to keyless vehicle safety; the usage of a series of buttons on your vehicle is needed to unlock your vehicle.

This kind of immobiliser can also be connected to your mobile phone. However, it is only accessible for selected cars and costs extra.

How do I locate if I have an immobiliser? 

Car immobilisers have become mandatory on all vehicles that are made in 1998.

If an immobiliser was installed after this date and at that time by the manufacturer, it makes it a factory-fitted immobiliser.

When you purchased a modern vehicle in 1998, possibilities are you’ll have an immobiliser equipped. But, when you have got a second-hand vehicle, there’s a high risk of the car got tinkered with in any way. And a car immobiliser is no longer equipped.

Identifying if your vehicle has one installed can be done quickly and effortlessly through checking your car manual.

If your car was manufactured earlier than 1998, it’s probable that you may no longer have an immobiliser installed. You may, however, buy one and get it fitted. A few immobilisers are extra secure than others. So in case you are thinking about getting one fitted, you must opt for a ‘Thatcham approved’ alarm. It is because they have been certified by Thatcham motor insurance. And this is a corporation connected to a safety and security system for vehicles and different types of it.