How to find the best free natal chart interpretation websites?

Everyone faces various circumstances in life. Whether these are good or bad, is not important. What is more crucial if we could predict our future. If we could somehow manipulate certain occasions, that would make our lives so much easier. People believe that this could be achieved using the natal chart.

Astrology is a method of depicting our lives with the help of planets and stars. The position of each of these elements at a particular time determines our future. A Natal Chart is a tool of astrology that deals with the birth of a person. It tells everything regarding the various aspects of life. 

There are many such charts available online. Some are free, while others charge money. Therefore, finding the best free natal chart interpretation can be a hard task. 

We have made a complete guide regarding this chart. We have also listed some of the Vedic birth chart interpretation free websites. This will help you in selecting the ideal one. So, let us dive into this space of birth interoperation and gain some Vedic knowledge.

What is a natal chart interpretation?

A natal chart or birth interpretation tool provides information about the zodiac sign and house of a person. The zodiac sign depends on the position of the planets in the solar system. This sign is also influenced by the date of birth. 

If we talk about the house, then there are many houses a person may belong to. These houses decide the circumstance in your life. Having placed in the wrong house may lead to severe disadvantages. Whereas, the right one can completely make your life blissful. 

Apart from this the natal chart also mentions the planetary movement and the effect of the hemisphere. In later sections of these charts, you will find about the different lunar phases as well. All this and more are available in these interpretation tools.

Benefits of natal chart interpretation

We have described some benefits in the following points:

Understanding the Zodiac sign

Your zodiac sign is your birth sign. It tells about various features of a person. These zodiac signs are assigned according to the month, date, and time. Some modern astrologists, only use the month to decide the zodiac sign. Some of these signs are Leo, Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn. These are mainly utilized in finding the horoscope.

How you can progress 

Your natal system shows the path of our life. It tells the right choices to make for a better future. If you completely follow the advice, you can modify the way of living. So, for anyone wanting to progress, just read the natal chart.

What affects your life

Many things can affect our life. These charts also tell how to avoid certain materials or people. These items sometimes harm your body. They cause a disturbance in the mental and physical health of a person. Thus, having proper knowledge will help you to avoid direct contact with these items. 

Top free natal chart interpretation websites

Café Astrology

If you require a well-built natal chart website, then café astrology is the perfect one for you. The website has a user-friendly interface. It provides all the information about signs, houses, and planets. It also shows the various effects of planetary positions in our lives. The data is always saved online. You can just go to the website to retrieve all the information.

Furthermore, the website offers birth charts along with proper interpretations. These charts provide in-depth information about a person. The user has to just enter the data. After that, all the information is presented in a systematic format.


This is an advanced website for natal chart interpretation. It provides great tools for providing a birth chart to its users. First, the user needs to enter the date and time of birth. Then the data is analyzed by the site. Finally, a chart is constructed that displays the exact information of a person. You can get the chart for offline purposes. But even if a user forgets to do so, the site does save all the data. So, the next time user visits the website, his/her chart will be available.

Chaos Astrology

This is an extremely simple website. The site asks several questions from a user. Once the answers are given, they are analyzed and the description is provided. However, this platform only provides some basic information about the person.

The above is the best free natal chart interpretation website. There are much more available online. But choose according to the reviews and precise information.

What should you expect?

Most of the Vedic birth chart interpretation free websites provide general information about a user. What is bound to happen, may certainly happen in the future. No one can predict the exact picture. Most of the problems are generated via the human mind. These charts can help in solving certain issues. However, in the end, it is up to you to decide and create your destiny.

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