How to deal with CCTV cameras Threat?

Are you constantly being targeted by the enemy or have some disputes with strangers that might put your life at risk? If you are one of them then it is necessary to look after the necessary security steps.

So, while deciding about security the first thing that comes into your mind is why should I choose any other option when CCTV installation is the best security option for protection. Yes, you are correct, It is the best security option but some of the threats of the CCTV cameras might put you at risk.

Therefore it is important to understand the threats faced by CCTV and how to tackle those threats.

  • Vandalism: It refers to the destruction that occurred to the CCTV cameras by several miscreants. This led to the unauthorized dismantling of the camera, breaking it, theft, view obstruction, paint spray on the viewfinder. The cameras that are fixed on the outer area are likely to come across such damage.


So you need to choose your CCTV that comes with metal casings and housings fixed with it. It mostly looks like cages that disrupt the access by vandals to the camera. The cameras were fixed with screws and fixtures that protect the lens and camera body from vandalism and maltreatment.

The other way of protecting the camera from vandalism is by getting it fixed at a higher point, from being reached by any miscreants. By installing it at an elevated position will make the best spots for fixtures.

  • Monsoon: The monsoon season is a big problem for CCTV cameras. So, it led the camera to come across various damages like lightings, thunder, and rain. Also, there is a chance that rainwater might seep into the lens of the camera which might destroy it.

If these cameras are placed on elevated platforms which can be easily get destroy by lightings. This might lead to serious risks like short circuits or might cause a fire accident.

Solution: So, to overcome such a situation is to first plug off the cameras when there is a thunderstorm. If, you are from a region that becomes more destructive during rain. In such a case, you need to install a waterproof camera. You can protect the camera by putting on a plastic canopy. The CCTV camera comes with waterproof bag systems that are made of plastic that save from getting damaged by rainwater. 

Having shock absorbents within the camera reduces the lighting effects over the camera. The metals ensured on the camera need to be the non-conductor of electricity.

The wirings and earthlings need to be properly insulated during times of thunderstorms. Also, installing surge protectors will control the shoot ups in voltage from exceeding a particular threshold.

  • Getting hacked: CCTV installation protects you from theft. Having a CCTV will provide evidence for events that helps you to identify all kinds of destructive activities caused by miscreants. Thanks to modern technology the CCTV systems are becoming wireless.

But at the same time, it creates a larger risk as they work on network IPs which are mostly affected by being hacked. It can even get jammed by people to disable the services. Even there is the chance of decrypting the camera safety code and gain access to much sensitive footage.

Solution: So to save your CCTV from getting hacked, you need to boost the network using WPA2 that translates to Wi-Fi-protected Access 2, which gives an advanced security protocol.

You need to keep the password on a cycle, change it as a cycle change. By doing this frequently will allow the hackers lesser time to passphrase the security code.

  • Light Reflection: As the camera is mounted in a way that it points towards the reflective objects like mirrors, windows, ponds, panels, etc. It leads the lens to glare and obstructs the camera view. When the camera is placed inside the house, it might take the whitewashed image because of the presents of mirrors at your home. This will hamper the purposes of CCTV as this creates problems in recognizing.

Solutions: To avoid these types of situations from taking place you need to move the directions of the camera lens. Don’t let the camera face the reflective images, cover it partially and protect it from being glared at. 

CCTV is like a watchdog, it tracks all the happenings in the building and let the surrounding be safe, So, you have to protect it. You need to follow these precautions to avoid any kind of threats to protect you from every kind of danger.