How To Choose The Best Solar Panel For Oneself In India?

Solar Panel is a device developed to absorb the sun’s energy in the form of sun rays and convert them to electrical energy so that it can be used for various purposes. The use of solar energy is a very efficient practice all over the world as installing it at homes, offices, cars, and other possible places not only reduces the cost one has to bear towards electricity or fuel but also saves the world by saving it from the exhaustion of its non-renewable resources.

A solar cell is used to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect, being a collection of solar or photovoltaic cells that follows a grid-like pattern on its surface. Solar module manufacturers in India offer good quality solar panels. The Photovoltaic (PV) module comes with greater longevity and endurance. The connected assemblage of 60 solar cells arranged in 10 rows is made up of such hard material that the decrease in effectiveness is as less as one to two percent or even lesser when considered in a year.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Solar Panel

Leaving aside the excitement that comes with the purchase of any new thing, there are some points that one should keep in mind while buying a solar panel, as investing in a solar panel is very substantial and is something one has to deal with for a very long period.

Purchases of any sustainable items should be largely based on recommendations or customer reviews. Asking any family member, friend, or just another person using a solar panel about a particular solar module service provider can make you aware of the pros and cons of it. This may also make you aware of the problems faced by other people, which can probably be avoided in your case.

The purchase of solar modules is very costly. Therefore, while buying it, one should keep a note of the warranty provided by the manufacturer. The minimum warranty of the module should at least be 25 years or longer. A time period as long as this ensures that the module will pay for itself and earn the buyer a profit.

Looking out for the certifications while buying a solar panel is a very good way of determining its quality. The number of certificates more chances of getting a product of better quality. One should look for certain certification that promises that the product has gone through independent lab testing and have met the required advertised specification. Certain certification also aids in providing government rebates and tax benefits. 

Pressured and rash decisions can prove less advantageous when it comes to buying a solar panel. Many buyers come under the influence of the high-pressure tactics that the manufacture imposes on the consumer. One should always remember that if a Solar module manufacturer in India or any other part of the world is claiming a good offer today, the offer shall also remain true the next day or the day after.

How to choose the best among the lot?

Just like any other thing on this planet, solar panels also come in different types. The most efficient and user-friendly ones are the monocrystalline panels, commonly known as the solar mono panels. These panels might seem costlier than usual polycrystalline ones. Still, suppose a buyer considers the price versus the output situation. In that case, the monocrystalline wins it as a larger number of inefficient; cheaper panels can reduce the chances of adding more efficient panels in the close date. They also compensate for the buyers who have less roof space.

The solar mono panels are easy to install, and since they are small in size and handy, they can be used in cars and for charging small objects such as batteries, remotes, gadgets, and cell phones.

Some Factors That Can Stop You From Buying a Solar Panel:

Besides having a lot of benefits, the purchase of a solar panel is not an easy affair. Firstly, the solar panel is a very costly investment which many people cannot afford at once. Many countries’ government has not given provision for rebates on the purchase of solar panels, which makes it difficult for people from varied economic standards to afford it. With every panel installation, one also has to install a solar inverter that converts the Direct Current obtained by the solar radiation to the Alternative Current used in the local household. Lastly, the average life of a solar panel is quite high. Therefore, any person using it might see advancement in solar panels and might find his/her model obsolete.

Also, a person has to seek alternative electricity ways as a place is never sunny throughout the year.

Why choosing a Solar panel according to one’s requirement is a very good way of conserving energy and saving huge bucks?

Solar panels aim at reducing global warming as it combats the harmful emissions by the greenhouse gases. It is a pollution-free method of conserving non-renewable sources of energy, especially fossil fuels.

The concept of solar panels has led to the development of many types of equipment such as the electronic calculator, power banks, boilers, geysers, etc., which completely run on solar energy.