How Can Holographic Foil Stamping Help You Enhance Your Brand?

Holographic foil stamping is the application of holographic impression and foil on materials such as plastics, cards, and paper, using heat and pressure. It is used to create different textures like matte, metallic, glossy, and holographic textures on the medium. If you are wondering how to add a touch of luxury and improve security to your designs and products, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will let you know everything about holographic foil stamping and its applications.

How does holographic foil stamping work?

Holographic foil stamping involves the usage of a multi-layered foil. Generally, the different type of layers used are:

  • A polyester carrier layer
  • Lacquer layers
  • A release layer
  • Image layers
  • Metal layers ( gold silver leaf, or gold leaf, or foil colour) 
  • An outer adhesive layer

During foil stamping, pressure and heat are applied to the foil, which will be pressed against the medium supported by a cylinder or plate. The adhesive layer in the silver foil or gold foil is activated by this pressure and heat, then the release layer metals, attaching the foil to the surface. 

Applications of holographic foil stamping

Holographic foil stamping is used for decorating a wide range of products and is also used as an anti-counterfeiting method through holographic security stickers. 

It is also widely used in:

  • Packaging of products such as medicine, food, beverages, and high-end luxury products.   
  • Currency notes
  • Artwork
  • Designing wedding invitations, greeting cards, book covers, etc.

The packaging segment is anticipated to rapidly grow between 2018 to 2026

Different types of holographic foil stamping machines 

There are three different types of holographicfoiling machines, based on the type of operation. They are: 

  • Flat-Flat
  • Round-Flat, and
  • Round-Round

Let us see how these machines work:

  • Flat-Flat foil stamping machines

The foil dies are either on a flat metal plate in case the positions are fixed or attached to a honeycomb-shaped plate if the positions are needed to change. The foil and the medium will be brought in between the plate and a counter plate. The lower plate can be equipped with projections if an embossed design is needed. 

This machine is easy to set up, and the parts and tools are available in the market. 

  • Round-Flat foil stamping machines

They have a rotating cylinder instead of a stationary flat counter plate. Pressure will be applied horizontally across the rotating cylinder, pressing the foil against the medium, transfusing the holographic foil design onto it. 

These machines make a perfect choice if you’re dealing with a small business with few products.

  • Round-Round foil stamping machines

The principle behind these machines is similar to that of printing presses. The machine has rotating cylinders on both sides of it rotating in opposite directions. The medium and the foil are brought together between the cylinders, which will now be pressed together to apply pressure. 

They can rotate at very high speeds and are used for intricate designs and are a better choice for producing highly complex foiling effects. 

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