Holostik: The Best Holographic Label Manufacturers

What are holographic labels?

Holographic labels are labels or stickers that help provide a mark of authenticity that is otherwise virtually impossible to replicate. Holographic labels are low-cost and attractive. They help with giving premium security to your products with their unique verification. The holographic label manufacturers use lasers and not ink so that nobody can copy them by printing or photocopying. But not all the holographic label manufacturers can provide you with everything essential at lower prices. It can be safe to say that only the best hologram manufacturer can meet all your expectations and satisfy your needs.

Why choose the best hologram manufacturer?

The ordinary products in the market face a great deal of competition. And with this, the chances of counterfeit also increase substantially. The best holographic label manufacturers use the best machinery for the production of premium quality hologram labels. The use of sequencing, numbering, bar codes, QR codes, etc. automatically boosts the hologram labels’ security. Thus, choosing the best is crucial. Holostik, the best hologram manufacturer, offers you all of these.

All about Holostik

Holostik is one of the most popular holographic label manufacturers that offer you holographic labels of the best quality to keep your business safe by securing your products from counterfeiters. Holostik is famed for being the first security hologram manufacturer that started in 1991 with the establishment of its first manufacturing plant. Holostik is known internationally, with a global presence across ninety countries. It has satisfied the needs of thousands of clients from all over the world.

Trust the pioneer

The best hologram manufacturer, Holostik, is one of the largest Indian exporters of counterfeiting solutions in the world. It manufactures holographic labels with its European-built machinery and five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a team of highly efficient and experienced workers and leaders from the best national and international organizations like Harvard, Richard Ivey, IIMs, etc. Holostik is committed to ensuring that its products are of the best quality.

Holostik, one of the most renowned holographic label manufacturers, and is India’s first CMMI level-3 certified hologram manufacturer. It has also offered the world of research and innovation a helping hand by investing a minimum of 5% of their annual budget on research and development for even better product manufacturing facilities.

The best hologram manufacturer

Undoubtedly, Holostik is one of the best holographic label manufacturers who have over three decades of expertise in hologram making. Holistic has complete in-house capabilities ranging from designing and manufacturing to IT development. Holostik is the only organization that has provided specialized security and intelligent facets in a single label. This hologram manufacturer ensures only the best quality by using raw materials from the labeling giant, Avery Denison.

Final word

The hologram manufacturer, Holostik, offers a variety of options like hologram barcode labels, custom tamper-proof labels, holographic scratch-off labels, tamper-evident labels, QR coded labels, etc. All the hologram labels of Holostik are ten times more durable than ordinary holographic labels. So, choose Holostik and get rid of all your worries of tampering and counterfeit.