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At some point in time, everyone indulges in the act of marriage. Marriage is a crucial part of our lives. Some people consider it as a certification. While most acknowledge this activity as the act of God. This is where the process of matchmaking comes in.

Typical matchmaking begins with the proper meeting of a couple. After that, their families unite and decide the marriage procedure. However, in countries like India, this entire process is not so simple. The couple needs to stand strong on several conditions to get married.

This is especially true in the case of arranged marriage. To begin the procedure, the Kundli or horoscopes of the boy and the girl are checked. After that, the couple is verified for compatibility. 

If there is any flaw in the Kundli of a person, then the marriage is temporarily canceled. A ritual is done to eradicate such problems. The ritual also depends from person to person.

We will learn about all this in the following paras. Using this information, you can find the best Kundli matching site.

What is a Kundli?

The Kundli also called horoscope describes the past, present, and future of a person. It has all the data from a person’s birth to old age. Furthermore, it also contains certain houses and guanas using which the matchmaking of two people is determined. 

The horoscope of a person comes in a natal chart. This natal chart is created by using the date and time of birth. Using this chart, we can study the life of a person. This also includes the zodiac sign and planetary motion. 

How is Kundli matched?

The horoscopes of two people are compared systematically. First, their zodiac signs are compared. This is done to verify the compatibility. Then gunas or features of the people are checked. This process is called the guna milan. There are eight gunas given in the Vedas.

These gunas are characterized according to their value. These gunas are listed below:

· Tara: This symbolizes the health and the strength of bonds in partners.

· Gana: It is used to check the behavior.

· Vashya: It displays the power of control over each other.

· Varna: This is a judgment over cast. Out of the four casts, the groom should have equal orhigher varna.

· Yoni: It displays intimacy between the partners.

· Nadi: This symbolizes the health of the progeny as well as the entire family.

· Graha maitri: it determines the mental connection of people.

· Bhakoot: It is used to analyze the financial growth of the partners after marriage.

If there is any problem in the gunas of a person, then it is called dosh. To cure this dosh some rituals are performed.

List of various kundli matching websites


This is an extremely efficient website in Kundli matchmaking. It provides a free matchmaking system available on the site itself. You just have to enter basic information about the partners. After that, the Kundli is created and the matchmaking is performed.

The site provides knowledge about every feature. Moreover, you can send any query to an astrologer and get the desired answer.


The astrosage is a thoroughly detailed website. It is clustered with a variety of astrological data. Whether it’s about traditional and Chinese horoscope, learning astrology, Kundli, or any other information, everything is provided here. 

The Kundli matching is given on the very first page of the website. You can just type the details are get the result. Apart from this, you can also speak with the professionals available on the website. 


If we talk about simplicity, then vedicrishi is the perfect site for you. The site is constructed using a basic and clean design. The items are not crammed together like other websites. The platform takes a basic charge for creating Kundli. The matchmaking is also presented on the front page. You can enter the female and male details on this page. 


This one is one of the best horoscope matching sites. It is a completely user-friendly website. The layout is fresh and smooth to operate. You can select from a range of options from the menu provided. The site also displays a list of astrologers with reviews. The site features blogs with amazing information. You can also ask any query from ask the expert section.

However, do remember that for each feature, the website charges a decent amount.


Last on our list is this website. The website is highly popular in India. However, now the internal model has completely changed. Some people even use this site for dating purposes. The essence of Kundli matchmaking has disappeared. 

What to do next?

Finding the best Kundli matching website is a hectic task. You could spend days figuring out the ideal one. However, if you follow the above data, then within a few minutes you will reach your destination. Additionally, you can select the best horoscope matching site from the list provided here. So, just create relationships by combining Vedic knowledge with human technology. 

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