Everything That You Need To Know About Induction Sealing Wads

What is the process of Induction Sealing Wads?

Being the leading manufacturers of Holographic wads, Holostik defines the induction sealing process as the bonding of thermoplastic materials through induction heating. Heating an electrically conducting object to a specified degree, eddy currents are generated in the object.

Used in various types of manufacturing. For example, these Induction sealing wads are used in packaging such as package fabrications of tubes and materials. The induction sealing process takes place in the container after it has been filled and capped.

What are Induction Sealing wads?

Manufactured by Holostik, Wads with holography are Induction sealing liners that are used to prevent leakage, tampering of any kind, contamination, and unofficial dealing of different pharmaceutical products used in daily life. These Induction sealing wads help in masking and covering the opening of the product that keeps the product secure from spilling or further tampering.

Under Induction sealing liners, a holographic foil manufactured by Holostik is coated with an aluminum foil, which is additionally layered with wax and LDPE, which makes it water-resistant. These wads with holography confirm security for bottles, glasses, and containers.

Being of the leading suppliers of Induction sealing wads, Holostik provides a variety of induction wads for industries at moderate prices. Also, on customized models, they create visually engaging designs and graphics for all kinds of induction wads.

What are the uses of Induction Sealing Wads?

There are various reasons for which companies prefer the process of induction sealing, here are some of its uses:

  1. Prevention of Leakage: Most of the industrial factories require liquid chemical products to be sealed before the product is shipped, which prevents any other hazardous chemicals from spilling on other shipments.
  2. Freshness: Through these induction sealing wads, the unwanted pollutants are kept at a distance from seeping into food products, which in turn extends the shelf life of certain food products.
  3. Pilferage Protection: The process through which induction wads are manufactured helps in preventing the final product from being broken. It is noticed that most of the pharmaceutical companies purchase Induction sealing liners that ensure leaving liner film/foil residue on bottles.
  4. Increased Sustainability: Holostik is the leading manufacturers of wads with holography as it contributes towards the sustainability of the product by allowing lower bottle weights as the pack relies on the weight of the induction foil seal for its maximum security.

What are the applications of Induction sealing wads?

Induction sealing wads are widely used by many industries like the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, lubricants, Dairy products, FMCG, Agro-based Industries, and Personal care items.