Enhance Your Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Building You an Impactful and Positive Digital Presence

Are you looking to build a positive online presence for your brand? Are you worried about a negative review, comment, or post? If creating a connection with your customers and an impactful online reputation is your goal, trust us to help you, whether you are a business house, individual, celebrity or professional. 

Enhance your Online Reputation – Know How!

  • Promote a positive image of your brand
  • Influence the results and suggestions on Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • Intensify the interaction with your customer
  • Build trust and loyal audience-base
  • Influence customer decisions
  • Track and monitor your reputation

Online Reputation Management or ORM refers to the monitoring, protecting, mitigating, and improving how your business looks like in the minds of the online audience. It means looking and analyzing what is being talked about you, and where. Another term used for ORM is Corporate Reputation Management. And if the entity whose reputation is being managed is a brand rather than a corporate, it is referred to as Brand Reputation Management Services. 

Our ORM Services

  • Brand Reputation Management Services
    Brand Reputation is an integral part of any organization. And Brand Reputation Management Services play an important role in the success of any organization, regardless of its size. We at Toffee, help in developing an organization-specific digitally equipped defense strategy and implement it to combat negative reviews online, but also clean and remove any future occurrences of the same before it spreads.
  • Reputation Management for Celebrities
    Celebrity Reputation Management is important if you plan to utilize your contacts and network as a career. We at Toffee, help in building, maintaining, and projecting a positive light on you at all times. The smallest rumor, or an attack purely based on jealousy – if and when unchecked – can tarnish your reputation online. There will also be a time when you would need assistance in replying to your fans and followers, remove unnecessary and out-of-context images, to protect you online. We at Toffee also assist in these fields.
  • Reputation Management Services for Corporates
    When it comes to corporates, it is very easy to tarnish and harm your online image. A remark from a single, disgruntled customer can become bad for your reputation online. It is in these times that reputation management services for corporates become an ideal defense. We at Toffee, aim to enhance the positive remarks, reviews, and comments online; eradicate negative corporate online comments, reviews, and opinions that affect the brand’s online image.

ORM Strategy

●   Reputation Monitoring

We monitor and analyze existing web content about your organization’s brand and products. We keep a track of online journalism and user-created content such as blogs and blog comments via online reputation monitoring software.

 ●   Respond

We help you proactively respond to negative reviews if any, and at the same time build and promote positive content on different web platforms related to your brand and company. 

●   Increase Accessibility

We help you devise ways to be more customer-friendly and accessible. We help you choose the online interface you use to provide information to and for interacting with the web audience.

How is ORM different from SEO?

Online Reputation Management is related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and they both use most of the same techniques. However, ORM has a different objective than SEO. ORM aims to promote positive or neutral content about an entity- individual, company or brand rather than just generate more traffic with the help of certain keywords. The main objective is to push the negative results down in SERPs so that they are seen by fewer people when searching for the particular entity.

Process of Reputation Management Services

Before you start to make improvements, you have to take this basic step – analyze your online presence. 

We help you gauge your online presence by using the checklist below:

            ●          Assert your brand name

The name of your business should be unique and must have the true essence of your brand. We ensure that people do not misinterpret your name and/or get confused with some other brands.

●   Respond to all the reviews

  1. It is very important to acknowledge all the reviews on your website, be it negative or positive. We make sure we take time to respond to all of them strategically
  2. Provide solutions to the queries, and don’t delete the negative reviews
  3. We actively ask for reviews and make it easy to post them online

●   Build your online presence

1. We optimize your profile by setting up various social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+

2.  Post relevant content and increase your online presence

●   Content Marketing Strategy

Decoding the audience and determining the makeup of the online audience is necessary. We strategically determine the content and examine what, where and how often you will post online. 

Brands without a strong content marketing strategy tend to become obsolete in no time.

●   Provide appreciable customer service

We build your brand identity by satisfying and providing great service to your customers. This will enable them to spread positive feedbacks and reviews about your brand among other people. 

A good and credible comment from a happy customer does wonders for your online reputation.

●   Track and analyze results

It is one of the most important steps in online reputation management. We track and analyze your results for better ORM and customer belief.

Why do you need Corporate Reputation Management Services?

Since the amount of user-generated content on the internet grew, the need to produce more meaningful Google search results and the desire to change them followed. Our team of experts actively work on enhancing your Corporate Reputation Management by providing the following services:

            ●   Win the trust of the consumer

All brands face controversy and the audience today is active on digital media. Thus, we make sure to use the correct and relevant technique to gain their trust

●   Expand visibility online

We know it is of the utmost importance for a brand to be visible everywhere to know its value and popularity. Right ORM tricks provided by us help in increasing your credibility and empowering your position

Why do you need Online Reputation Management services?

People form quick opinions about a brand or company based on what they read online. The first thing that they do is do a Google search about the company, read the reviews, and related news articles.

A negative presence online, or no presence at all, can majorly impact the growth of your brand or company. Your online reputation holds value whether you’re closing a business deal, talking to journalists/reporters, or developing a business partnership.