Beating Vaginal Dryness With Replens Long Lasting Feminine Moisturizer

Usually, the vaginal walls stay hydrated and lubricated with the presence of a thin layer of clear fluid. The hormone called estrogen is crucial in maintaining this clear fluid layer that keeps the vaginal walls thick, elastic as well as healthy. Sometimes females have a drop in the levels of estrogen in their bodies due to many reasons. This drop in estrogen results in a direct effect on the moisture that is available in the vaginal walls. This happens to women of all ages. Though it may initially seem like a small and minor irritation that can be dealt without the need of anything, it will surely have a big impact on the woman’s sexual life.

Fortunately, Replens long lasting feminine moisturizercan help with this problem. The dryness of the vagina is also a common symptom of women who is nearing menopause. A one-third of the women in the world have to deal with vaginal dryness on a daily basis. Women fell more irritation after menopause as the Estrogen levels in the body usually drop further with the stop in monthly periods. The dryness also causes the vagina to become less elastic and thinner. This is a condition that is commonly called as vaginal atrophy.

Replens long lasting feminine moisturizer can solve this problem by lubricating your vagina so that you do not have to deal with the irritation in your sensitive areas. Estrogen levels in women can drop for a multitude of reasons, sometimes because the ovaries have been surgically removed, because of recent child birth and also breast feeding, because of any high amounts of radiation as a result of chemotherapy treatments for cancer or even because of anti estrogen medications that the person is taking for dealing with uterine fibrosis or even with endometriosis.

Whatever may be the reason, Replens long lasting feminine moisturizer can help you have a better life again. This particular feminine moisturizer is very strong and can help you replenish the moisture in your vagina for up to about 3 days after a single use. The cream is also latex free, so that you need not worry about any type of latex allergy. What more, the cream has also been tested extensively in lab conditions and has been recommended by doctors to thousands of patients all over the world.

The Replens vaginal feminine moisturizer is also free of any fragrances and is also free of any Estrogen. If you are taking any anti Estrogen pills to deal with any other illnesses, then you can definitely use this vaginal feminine moisturizer without worrying about any extra Estrogen that might get introduced in your system. The cream is also compatible with most of the condoms that are available in the market. This essentially means that if you are using the Replens vaginal feminine moisturizer and then having sex with a condom, there is no risk of the condom tearing up because of any chemical reactions. Condoms made with latex, poly-isoprene as well as polyurethane has been tested extensively in clinical conditions with the cream beforehand. Vaginal dryness can also be very painful and very uncomfortable for some people and can also affect the sex life because of having painful intercourse.

This can be treated by using the Replens vaginal feminine moisturizer regularly. This vaginal feminine moisturizer has also been cleared for use by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as a lubricant that can be used in the vaginal area to help deal with vaginal dryness.

Replens is very different from products that are in the market by other manufacturers. This is because, Replens contains a special bio adhesive ingredient in the composition that allows the cream to deliver continuous moisture by attacking the dry cells and leaving them moisturized and making them feel rejuvenated. This special bio adhesive ingredient in the composition is patented by Replens for use in the Replens vaginal feminine moisturizer and cannot be found in any other product of the same category.

Replens is one of the most trusted brands in the world when it comes to moisturization. You may regularly moisturize your feet and your hands and your face to prevent them from getting dry, why shouldn’t you save your vaginal tissues from discomfort as well? That is why Replens’s product is a hit with women. The formula in the vaginal feminine moisturizer made by Replens is fast acting, this means that you will get the results almost immediately and do not have to wait for ages. This special cream will not only have you feeling more comfortable in your daily routine, it will also help you have a peace of mind as there are no adverse side effects that come with using the vaginal feminine moisturizer made by Replens