Are You Looking For House Electrical Services | Chris Electric

Do you need help in upgrading your residence? Make sure one thing and that is you have your electrical fixtures working properly. The following step is making sure that house electrical components are working efficiently and that the entire wiring is secure so that you are not spending extra money than you have to. Chris’ Electric offers an extensive range of electrical services to ensure all of the wirings in your house are performing as they should.

Light Fixture Replacement

Replacing your property lighting with the new, high quality, energy-efficient house electrical plan is a practical and cost-effective way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. At Chris Electric, our staff of certified and insured electricians are specialists in a wide variety of lighting fixtures installation. And possess vast knowledge on how to balance between form and function in such a manner that ensures you get lighting, which is energy-efficient, and best adapted for your specific needs and specifications.

GFCI Outlets

A ground fault circuit interrupter outlet is designed in such a way that it automatically shut an electrical circuit off as soon as it detects that the flowing of the current is going in the wrong direction. This design is specifically intended to provide safety from electric powered shock. But it also protects you from your house getting on fire. They are installed in unfinished basements, kitchens, garages, bathrooms, outside, or at any place where the outlet is near a sink. Our team of electricians is skilled in installing these outlets right the first time. And make sure that they provide you with complete protection.

New Outlets and Switches

When it comes to installing new outlets and switches in your home, it is not an easy process. Also, if there are any hidden issues, they won’t be noticeable at first. However, they can cause you significant inconveniences and issues down the road. So get your electric switches and outlets installed correctly the first time with Chris’Electric team of reliable, professional electricians. At Chris’Electric, we provide complete electrical outlet and switch set up services, along with the replacement and inspection services for your property.

Ceiling Fan Installation

At Chris’ Electric, our electricians have experience with a wide type of ceiling fan & light kinds and styles. They can install a fixture correctly the first time. Our professional electricians will also ensure that your ceiling fan runs in a manner designed to optimize energy efficiency. And deliver your room the best air circulation possible.

New Circuits

When you have to install new circuits, entrust your work only to Chris Electric skilled specialists. Proper installation of new circuits will make certain that they’re fully code-compliant. And also, they are installed to optimize your electric device’s overall performance. The electricians at Chris’ Electric can quickly and safely installed the circuits, with a view toward keeping the highest standards for safety and quality.

Tripping Breakers

If your breaker frequently trips, it is vital not to ignore the issue. While a repeatedly tripping breaker is probably caused by something as simple as a faulty capacitor or a loose breaker, it can additionally imply a much more severe issue, which includes a direct short. Don’t let serious damage to your property; if you have a breaker that continues tripping. Trust the electricians at Chris’ Electric to provide you swift, professional circuit breaker servicing. Also, with a view to make the safety of you and your home is our top preference.

Panel upgrades

If your residence home electrical system has undergone changes to accommodate increases in your patterns of consumption and your panel hasn’t been updated, then there is a great threat that your house electrical panel isn’t working at its fullest. What’s worse can happen if a panel that hasn’t been upgraded to fit adjustments on your electrical system? It can leave you and your home at risk of unexpected hazards, which includes fires. Our team of electricians has experience with electrical systems of all sizes and scales. They will safely and reliably improve your electrical panel to match your building’s electrical system optimally.

Residential Hot Tubs & Spas

There are many houses in Edmonton and surrounding areas that have a hot tub or spa for their tenants and guests’ amusement. They are stylish, fun and relaxing, and increase the value of your home. In addition, they need a specialized electrical system to operate smoothly, as well as periodic checkups to make certain no wiring or functional issues have arisen. Chris Electric has experience with all styles of spas and hot tubs. And we are licensed and insured to protect your investment and your beloved ones. So if you face any issue in the near future or are experiencing one right now, contact us immediately. We are available 24 hours for your assistance and be there at your place in no time.