All You Need to Know About Holographic Wads

You know those shiny seals on top of your pill bottles? That’s a typical example of a  holographic wad or an induction liner. These help the pills from being leaked, contaminated, damaged and also ensure that no pharmaceutical product is sold by unauthorized dealers. 

They’re called holographic’ wads because they use holograms to imprint the symbol or logo of the brand being sold to enhance the visual appeal and to protect from the unlicensed sale of products. 

How they’re made 

Meant to provide extra security to bottle caps, these are made by first laminating a holographic foil with aluminum foil. A layer of wax is then coated on top followed by another coating of LDE, to make them water-resistant. 

During the manufacturing and packaging process, these lids are passed through heat, which makes the wax melt and sticks all the layers together. Companies like Holostik, who are expert holographic wad manufacturers, take careful measures to make high-quality induction sealing wads to ensure the medicines inside do not get tampered with. 

Variants of Holographic Wads 

Induction liners are of several types, of which holographic ones are one sub-type. There are other variants, used according to the need of the client and the product. They include: 

  • Induction Sealing 
  • Black Bottle Neck Printing 
  • Pressure Sensitive Wads 
  • Peel and Release Wads 
  • Overprinting on Holographic Wards 
  • Mirror Transfer Wads 
  • Customized Wads with Lids 

Their Various Applications 

As you would’ve guessed already, these holographic sealing liners aren’t just used to print logos or symbols over bottles in the pharma industry, they are also used in many other industries that require leakage-free packaging which include: 

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: As mentioned above, they are used for bottles, medicinal strips, labels, and seals. 
  • Lubricants: They are mostly used as seals to prevent the leakage of lubricants like oil, petrol, and grease. 
  • Dairy Products: You can often find these seals below the opening of tetra packets of milk or milk products like curd cups and cheese blocks.   
  • FMCG: Juices, jams, spreads, ready-to-eat products or anything that requires the product to be fresh and intact. 
  • Personal Care: Seals and stickers for cosmetic and beauty products. 
  • Agro Products: Agro Products like Pesticides and Insecticides need holographic liners and seals to prevent leakage as well. 

Why you should consider Holostik for your Holographic Wad needs: 

Having been leading manufacturers in the production of induction liners and seals, Holostik is renowned for coming up with original and customized stickers for seals of the best quality that prevent leakage by a hundred percent. They continue to provide professional and high-quality products their existing client base is a testimony to their service, including names like  Rigil Group, Biswas Ayurvedic Medicine, Hetero Group, NASCO and more.