Introducing All-in-one Paytm POS Machine

What is the All-in-one POS Paytm Machine?

Paytm have taken another step to digital payment solutions to help your clients happy in the digital payments solution to help your business succeed.

Paytm is introducing a Paytm ALL-IN-ONE POS machine for complete payment & billing solution, designed to suit the requirements of all types of businesses succeed.

Your business can now accept all types of payments from clients. Truth be told. From Paytm Wallet to UPI to International Cards, clients can browse more than 7 payment strategies.

Features of All-in-one POS Paytm Machine

  1. Integrated billing and payments.
  2. Multiple payment methods
  3. Single reconciliation
  4. Instant settlement
  5. Customized POS solutions
  6. Inbuilt scanner and printer

How I can accept money or payment using the Paytm POS machine

You can receive payments from a number of sources using your Paytm Card Machine (All-in-one Paytm POS). Simply enter the amount to be collected on the screen, and then the machine will automatically show options to tap card or insert card or scan QR. Also, Acknowledge an installment utilizing the client’s favored mode.

This is a simple quit easy to use and user-friendly POS Paytm machine. Earlier you have used some other POS machine but it quite similar but fully digitally solutions.

Presenting Paytm All-in-One Devices

Presently, offer a safe and consistent installment experience to your clients with gadgets going from the adaptable leader gadget – All-in-One POS to the little yet amazing – Linux POS.

Acknowledge all installment strategies utilizing our scope of Paytm Devices

  1. All Debit and Credit Cards
  2. Paytm Wallet
  3. Net Banking
  4. All UPI Apps

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